Monday, October 03, 2005

Testing Out

I apologize but I will be unable to think of anything witty to write about when it comes to EQ2 for this week. I am doing a major physics test and it's take home... That means it's taking 8 hours to do one problem. Yeah! gotta love it.

On one hand I got 42 finished up 5 heritages this weekend and was at a loss for what to do by Sunday afternoon.. I was able to concur DFC with our raid force in about 2 hours.. Which was quicker then I figured it would take. Man, DFC is fun when you are with people that know what they are doing.

Oh and my Swashy buddy got the Guilds first Real Fable and found it on our server.. Can't remember the name but when I remember I will update the post. All I know is it was like 35-90 damage at 1.2 seconds duel wield weapon with a proc and a few good Stats.. Now he gets even more hate.

Have a wonderfull EQ week be back as soon as possible.. Hopefully soon


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