Thursday, September 29, 2005

I'm a Hero

In my top 10 raid rules I went over Heroic opportunity's (HO) some and I would like to help and stress this more. With the recent Combat upgrades the HO's are more viable then ever. Before it was enough to outlast a NPC's mana though there was some changes to that. Now you can't see some mob's power and two they don't go out guns blasting anymore.

Some of the HO's I will discuss can be very worth while for your group to do them. I have recently taken down two separate EpicX2 mobs with just one group because of the tactics we have employed with HO's. I know there are some great write ups out there but I will make it easier on you to employ a damage tactic, because we all know we want to get the mob dead and done.

Copricious Strike: This one can do High damage fast, the only drawl back to doing this one is the other two that can pop up are Group regen and Group heal. This is where a good Scout comes in handy. Scout starts the HO Fighter Kicks to carry Priest uses chalice (mainly heals) to bring it up. Now if you get Group regen to pop I would say use it at lest once. If the group heal Pops up (Verdent Trinity) then have the Scout try one last time to change it. That is if you don't need a group heal. Very seldom does the Group AC buff pop.

Tears of Luclin: Scout starts, Fighter taunts, Priest uses moon(Shaman usually Wards) Mage's carry the Flame. Now you can get other HO's on this that are nice to do if your careful, such as Ancient demise (this is a AOE). You also can get the best damage nuke HO here but it's rare Past Awakening. PA is a very useful nuke if a group can pull it off, and it's even harder for some fighters because they don't have to many blue fist icons; it is also ORDERD which makes it even harder.

Thunder Slash: Fighter starts HO, Priest Nukes, Mage Carry's bolt then it can start.This one I think is the hardest to pull off if you have more then one fighter in a group. It's difficult because fighters carry over to their Taunts a lot. I would suggest not to use this to much if their is more then 1 fighter in your group. Ancient Wrath is the rare one here and if it goes off it's a Great Stun.

I would suggest using these 3 combinations the most, they are easy and do a lot of damage. They can be done a lot in the span of any even Heroic fight to Epic's and they will help the damage output of any group/Raid.

Now for the hardest part of any HO.... People that actually Start and Carry them, I've ran across people telling me that they do less DPS to help carry or start HO's. That is a lie(cop out) it doesn't take but a few seconds to carry any part of an HO that belongs to your class. I have the hardest times with mage's for some reason. We will get up the the red lightning bolt and it will sit there, to me this means A. They aren't paying attention, B. They are just AFK collecting XP or C. Getting resisted a lot. I have a Conjurer and know it doesn't take much for them to carry that one.

These Icons are the Hardest to carry from what I can tell. Priest eye, Mage flame, Fighter fist, and Scout Cloak. Watch for these and know where yours are, if you know they are gonna pop a lot by the group you are in, wait to use these. Some have long recasts time and there are not to many back ups. One last thing, make sure that your highest damage person finishes the HO's if possible. IE if a Priest finishes Copricious Strike it will do less then if it's a Figher or Scout (in most cases). Better yet just know that if your to finish the HO then finish it with your highest damage CA/spell.

If you want to see just what HO's are made of check this sight out, it's strait forward and has good information. Here's luck to getting your HO's Started and carried!


Anonymous Rotacidare said...

Nice write up. I agree with you as a mage the Lightning bolts are extremely easy to carry, I have about 5 spells that I use often that are lightning

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