Tuesday, October 04, 2005

To Create the world

Well lately as I have been gaining levels I am watching the world around me change. From going to Lavastorm to Everfrost and beyond. Now don't get me wrong here but, the one thing that is bothersome is these places are supposed to be on outreached Islands. It doesn't feel that way, to me if feels like it's next door. The NPC's are lacking and seem to have no reason to be there.

You see these pioneers just walking back and forth with nothing to do. There is no sense of not killing them because they have a lack of faction and since there is no recourse why not? I see these as only there for Writs and XP mobs not much to engross yourself with at the start. It seems to me after the 1st and 2nd tiers the game starts to go downhill story wise.

I've tried to get into these new places and I've wondered to myself various things. Such as Is there still Halas out here? How much has Permafrost changed? What sense is the faction on the angle women in PF and not the barbarians that wonder aimlessly? Then I reflect, these were the final touches on a game that had to get out there to compete so they finished up aimlessly thereselves. I can commend them for a decent job up till now in these upper tiers. I have no real since of mystery out here, call me crazy but these two zones seem like trash high end zones...

I am really throwing it out here but, I believe that is why they did the Return to Nektulos castle and the Gully's heroic zones and a few others. I think they should put effort into making these Old world rebuilt zones more interesting. When it's from a Lore stand point it's weak however, I will say I haven't explored everything; and I am speaking for those just hitting 40 and beyond there's not much at face value.

Here's an example: The minute you get to TS from Antonica there is the dwarf that calls for you to help and the NPC that gives out various go here quests for the colored light. These guys are here and make you feel your needed in the place... Voices were great but, once you get past the Island, Qeynos/FP, and a little bit beyond Voices start to go away. I like that part of EQ2 and when voices are lacking at these zones it tells me once more these were throw away zones.

I know I haven't hit the new expantion and this is from a novice 42 Mystic, yet I feel they can make it better here. I know the Sony staff has put out quite a few good update. They show they listen to there player base and change things that seem to be for the greater good. These are all good things, I just hope they go back and look at the story line and immersion when it comes to going to Feerrott, Lavastorm, and Everfrost. (like the Island of refugee where the weapons guy wants to know what Class you will be, and to go help kill, and stave off the goblins; now that was immersion) Notice they did that without instancing.

Tomorrow, I would like to bring up the similarity between an Office and Everquest. There are a few odd things I've noticed.


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