Wednesday, October 12, 2005

40? Your old go to Cazic Thule

Well I've been searching around for a zone that fits my level and that I enjoy. Much like I enjoyed Oakmyst Forest to Antonica, and ROV to Zek. I've had a hard time finding a place post 40 to enjoy as much as the zones before. My post here said it all, there has been no life in these zone so I've had a hard time logging on till.... I really got into Feerrott and some recent heritages.

During the completion of my Flowing black silk sash we went to the back toward the Temple of Cazic Thule. Ahh! I so loved CT in my old EQlive days that is until they made it a high level zone. While we were there waiting on the monk to spawn we were out killing Terrors for this supposed Agony to spawn. Well he did and he did a lot for two days, we got a few of my guildies and friends the Screaming Mace heritage starter. Ahh! I so loved the Screaming mace until I had to give it up for something better; oh I so miss thy proc of yalp. So um ok where was I? Oh yes.

I've had trouble getting into any new quests or lore so I went with Heritages because they are a fun way to pass the time. We decided to do the Screaming mace quest after I was done with the FBSS. I've heard the SM was hard and there will be a lot of camping, so far it's been fun. During the heritage I found my diamond in the rough zone, that is till I get rich and move over to the Deserts of Ro. All I can say is one word... The lost Temple of Cazic Thule ok 6 words. I love this place the whole zone it's great, it's mazy, topsy turvy, and it has fun lizard killing quests.

There is so much to do in CT I think I can be in there forever. I love the fact it's not instanced and has contested spawns. I love that one day I am gonna down Venektor. All I can say is that this zone has what it takes to be a winner. Now if they would fix some of the over zones post 40. Though in Feerrott's defense it's a well designed zone, it scary and has the possibly to have a lot going on. Then again isn't this a post 35 zone really?

So If your having troubles like I was trying to figure a path out post 40 this is what I suggest. Get a good group go to CT and get involved in the quests and lore it's a pretty neat place.


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