Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Tomb of Gold

So there we were in the Tomb of night......

I love this place, not sure why but this Adventure pack(AP) was one of the best zones to adventure in at level 30 when your not chasing the heritages. There is so much that seems mysterious about this zone.. Not sure why but even at 42 I really enjoy killing the Vamp's and Gob's.. Though its not a solo zone it is a good duo zone since the recent change.

I did die in there at 42 a named Gob. I'll tell you this Goblin had a weird hate list and don't think he played by the rules; on purpose? I don't think so but, it sure was fun. My 44 Swashy friend and I had to take him down while the mob would switch between me and him as a target and he didn't play nice even as 34 heroic ^^^
We weren't ready for him and his fish friend the first time but, he went down the second time.

Have I mentioned that this is a money zone? It is an untapped resource of Gold even though it don't drop items like Splitpaw AP. Here is one zone that has a slew of good loots that drop sparingly but, the items sell for a lot.. However, that is still not why it's a money zone... Are you ready? Because this is such and under-used zone the collection quest items sell for mad cash.

There are as of now 4 collections in Tombs of night that I know of.. There is a bone, jewel, mushroom, and Hellhound collection and each item especially the jewel and hellhound sell quick. On Faydark some sell for 10 to 30 Gold each... I went in and out of the zone 15 times to collect question marks and sold a few Plat worth in one sitting on Merchant. That is not the only reason why I like this zone.

I believe the quests through this zone given the level range it's for drops really good gear. I know the plate gear in Tomb's of night is great for Cleric's. I also find it rather fun to do the step quests that start in Nektulos their is a series of 9 quests I believe, and at one point you can get a Vampire illusion item. Which is by far the Coolest illusion in the game.

So you still don't believe me? To far out in Nektulos? Force yourself and a few friends out there up the river in the waterfall and see for yourself, it's worth the 4$ and your time.

Beware though this zone takes time as well as all the quests, they don't just throw everything at you there.. Maybe it's why people don't like it as well but ,I assure you the items in there are usually worth far more then any other 30's zone.

Oh yeah and for the simularitys between the office and EQ2? Ok I swear tommorw will be the day.


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