Friday, October 07, 2005

MMO's: Work or Adventure?

Have you ever noticed the Hive style structure they use in MMO's?

Have you felt that sometimes you have to uncover something so deep it better be good?

Have you ever had to camp more then 4 hours for any boss mob for loot or quest?

Then you work in a cubicle office with the structure of human levels you just don't know it.

You see the other day I noticed that every where I go at work their are pay grades and ranks and I imagine that it's not to different from any other job. The highest paid most under worked person is usually the one that is never there when you need them. Somehow always camped by someone their before you and they reside 4 buildings down up 4 flights of stairs down 3 halls thru 7 doors 15 secretaries 45 underlings and 75 people standing around. They are sometimes hiding under their desk so they don't have to be KSed by those who showed up. More often then not they just wont spawn because they are off in a "meeting".

So next time you sit there and camp or are trying to find that rare Boss, remember it's a job not an adventure.


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