Thursday, October 13, 2005

PvP you and EQ2

It looks as if there is a Poll up and a few of my cohorts and friends have been bringing up the topic.. Well actually I've been bringing up the topic of having an open PVP server since I heard about EQ2. Then I hear there was no PvP on EQ2 I was not jolted only disappointed because there will be /duels right? Wrong! Well I soon got over my disappointment because during some Phases of EQ2's development they spoke about PvP so I had hope that it will be in the game.

Then announcement of LU13 promised /duel which to me is the second best thing about the patch, next to the Combat Upgrade. I was excited and to me it was something I've been yearning for.. I for one love PVP and think if done correctly can have a great impact on the MMO world we live in. It's were you find out who the kids are and who really has honor. Though you have to not mind being paranoid and very watchful over everything in your day to day life in Norath or anywhere for that matter.

A little back ground on my PvP If I may .. I started out on the Tholuxe Palles server and on my second character I made him PVP. He was a pally and kicked anyone's ass that was a Red name on the Tholuxe server sadly, there was not enough that did PVP. So I moved over the day Sullen Zek opened for business. Maybe you have heard of this server... It's famous for the Bard.

That's right there were no actual rules on this server and one that was actually changed and made a law of game dynamics was because of Fantsy. Quite funny but sometimes a bit of a Pain, and being a Good on SZ was hard because we were out numbered big time. I did play a good pally there, Never once did I start a battle for no reason. I protected the weak from the strong and evil. I only PVP when I had to defend myself or someone in need. When I was jumped I won over 50% of the time to me there is nothing better then real AI. It was a great time in my MMO life I enjoyed almost every bit of it, I loved the fact that it wasn't all about XP, Quest, and Raid.

Now onto my actual answer to the SOE poll it's longer then a quick pro-quo. EQ2's PVE is esablished and throwing PVP in, other then duel, without a choice would be a bad game move. SOE might want to add the Priest of Discord like they had in EQlive; make it a choice for person that wants to do PVP anywhere and anytime.
They should defenatly add specialized servers for PvP like Good vs Evil.. A server that don't let you betray.. Set one up by racial factions like they had in EQlive Shorties vs Humanoid vs Elves. There are so many different ways to make PvP but if I had my choice. Do it like they did in Sullen Zek: When you hit level 9 and your PVP eligible from anyone on the opposite team at any of their levels.

My answer is Hell yeah! bring on the PvP, but when I want to PvE let me have that choice.


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