Monday, October 17, 2005


Disclaimer: All that names I place here are Real, They were left unchanged because I don't care to protect someone's dumb name from being fixed by Soe. These are identifable names from the Faydark server of EQ II..

Recently since the LU 13 we have been able to add a ' to our Surname such as D'Vinn. If you are like me your happily disgusted. On one hand it's great to have that freedom; on the other it's irritating because of the abuse.

SOE can find Bot'rs and discover people duping in a heartbeat yet with the same rules they can't seem to stop the Jimask Alotquestions. It use to be in EQlive you had to call on a GM to make a last name with ' now I see why. It's bad enough we see peoples names like Furyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and Ieatglue. Now I have to put up with Idiots like Goodthebad The'indiffernt. I'm going to start making a running tabulation of these idiots and write the names down so I can report them all at once. So the GM can do a Clean sweep and maybe people will get the idea that Invisable See'through is not a name they should be using.

I seen the naming policy rules and I read them 5 years ago when Verant owned EQ. I read them again a few days ago just to make sure I'm not smoking crack. Sure enough your not suppose to make reference to sexual organs.. Yet there is a Krush Yaballz on my server and his name has yet to be changed even after a petition.

Yall getting my point here? I mean I am not gonna like everyname out there I don't like Tingy or Bonzu and a few others I've seen through my Online career. Yet the names I speak of aren't names I dislike these names are downright stupid and against the rules. Come'on! we aren't playing on Counter strike I don't want to start seeing names Lewtpwner Yo'Momma. What next? We will be able to pick our own Title name. He will choose Kickass Lewtpwner Yo'Momma in the bed. See where I'm getting at with this?

I know they did change someone's name on my server and as far as I know he cancelled his account.. It went from Microwave Oven to Toaster Oven. Which is funny but, by all rights they need to be doing this to every body in violation to the stupid rule... Leegolys, Gannndolf, Jebususs God, Satnlovr, and anyther name that follows a pattern is the Stupid rule.

On a final note I would like to mention that if SOE would actually have GM's assinged to servers and becoming part of that server playerbase it would up a lot of attitudes in areas such as these.


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