Thursday, October 20, 2005


Here recently I've been pondering a way to make things more involved between the classes and have came to the conclusion that FF9 did a good job in some areas.

There was a few ability's that you could cast from the Dark mage (Vivi) to the Fighter(Steiner) that would do big damage and was a very cool effect. I know EQ2 has somewhat that concept on a lower level(damage by posions, damage shields) but, don't you think it would be cool if it was an actual effect.

Somewhat on the lines of Heroic opp's. The Wizard/Warlock casts a support ability, say its Flamelick on the Fighter now the Fighter has an ability open. This only works when the wizard/warlock uses this Flamelick so then the Fighter can then initiate the Combat Ability Sword of Flamelick and it casts a great amount of damage.. It can have a long recast time and be very viable in specific situations. Such as if you are fighting an Ice mob they cast a Fire type and Fire mob and Ice type. This would be a great line of spells and can have very specific moves and particle effects.

This leads me into what I have to say about Particle effect frenzies that seem to happen even when I solo as a Shaman. There is just way to much, from the HO pop that blind me, to my heals and nukes that kind of blur the mob to much. I have tried everything in the options to shut off these effects and that is to include shutting off spells totally and nothing really works. The clerics get their reactive heals which are the most annoying effect in the whole game. Please SOE let me shut off these effects singly. It blinds you in first person and is a very annoying sound and effect overall. As my Guardian I hate to have clerics heal me because of this fact. Save the big guns for something special, not for spells that are used a lot.

I got another good Idea for the Necro/Conj line. Let them summon an effect for the Fighter/Scouts to use. They can summon a Shard like Fire or Ice that the fighter/scout can imbue to there weapon as a 30 second proc that has a high proc and a high % rate. The Necro can summon a poison and disease shard and it can do the same thing. I also like the idea that the summoners can focus a force in their fists like a ice dagger or a poison dagger that can give them high damage ratio for melee for a small amount of time and a long recast time.

I would hope that some day these type of things intermingle, I have a hard time thinking they might. It seems that every one is on a MMO solo frenzy and would bitch they have a useless spell..


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