Tuesday, October 18, 2005

This Mounts for you

Recently I purchased the DOF expantion and every time I go there it's very enjoyable. Mainly the fact I can do a quest for a flying rug... Because we all want one, don't we? Even if it's not the 60PP 30Guild level and tons of points, it's a rug right? This had me thinking of what some others brought up about Wow Mounts, which I thoroughly enjoy Except don't make them racial.

Here is my wish list.

Camels: Let me get one, they are cool, different, and very fun to drove around. They don't drink much and are faster than horse's in some cases. I wanted to own my own Camel since my first trip to Kuwait and I got to caravan on one... He became like my friend, and he was my life line.

Horses: Great job on all of them, variant with armor, speed, and look... I wish they would have an option to shut the visual off when people are ass holes and wont dismount in tight spots. Still over all Great job.

Carpets: The most coveted item for mounts and pretty cool looking. Not cluttery, Status item Carpet are very fast and is Equal to the Spirit Mount, 60% If I'm not mistaken. I love the fact that I can get a Blue carpet after a quest and am quite happy that it's not super fast like the Status one. I would say they should make a quest available for those that own the carpet to unlock a special power to actually fly them up and down some.. Not An explotive advantage but say 10' off the ground up and down.. Could be done like your swimming, using the Home and End buttons.

Dragon: Also should be implemented are the Dragon like mounts they had in EQlive during the LOY expantion. They were reptilian and cool looking. I'm a Frogloc and it would be a much better feeling when I finally get me a mount that It would be a Reptile.

Griffions: Let them be mountable on the ground with minimal fluttering flying. These would be sweet mounts and could be very valuable in LavaStorm.. Probly wont happen because of SOE's Antifloat in EQ2 laws... Bastage!

Anyhow, What do you all think should there be more choices?


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