Thursday, October 27, 2005

LU 16 The Good the Bad the Ugly

Well Today test update 16 is up and atem. Not sure if it's bug free but non the less it's patched to test. All I can say this is the best update that I love to hate, somewhat. This one is between an A and B on my Patch rating scale.

Soga Models - I was and still am curious as to how these turned out. I'm actually quite stoked to get on and check these out. There will be some that are nice and some that I will dislike but hey either way it is a very nice addition. Now I might actually remake my human monk Zelicks, because the humans can't look as bad as they do now.

Heritage quests - I've said it before... um yeah I said it yesterday " An accomplishment by one should only be shared by another through the same amount of work" I understand that some area's people feel like they are camping. Though, is it really camping if your doing other quests and actually out playing and adventuring? Seriously! I've done 20 Heritages and I've only had one camp where I wanted to break my keyboard from all the waiting.. It was the Weavmaster, maybe it was more sitting and waiting for shit to happen because there is nothing around vs losing the camp by going out to XP and coming back. This is to include the Screaming mace quest which is known for long camps on the Torturer. Maybe I'm just lucky on the random rare named pops for Heritages. I suppose it could be worse and they could just make all Heritage named just Spawn when you get there... But that just adds to the already lacking immersion in area's. I will just have to see how these turned out with my alts to give true feedback.

NPC members of city factions will now accept all levels of status loot rather than certain levels. I really enjoy this on a few different levels. It helps out the newbs first starting out doing status loots and now I don't have to go figure out myself which NPC takes which loots. This is a big Help because I will never remember which one buys what tier.

The spirit horse and flying carpet mounts have had their prices changed to be more reasonable. This is one that makes me think hmmm! Very nice but at the same time now these will be even less rare and once again it takes away more then it gives. And what about bringing us camel mounts hmmm?

All halberds have been changed from Great Spears to Great Axes. All I can say is I'm glade they noticed the little stuff.

Dual wield weapons will now do slightly more damage. Very nice indeed I would like to think getting hit by two weapons would hurt more then by just one but hey that's just me.

The Spirit of the Elephant line now has an appropriate particle effect. Because all of us Mystics really care what it looked like after we died and recast this buff that never fades right? Wrong! I think there are other fixes to the Mystic that would of benefited us much more like being able to cast a friendly spell on the vendor to sell us the Spirit mounts for much much less plat... O wait never mind, Bah! I can't say anything for the life of me the Mystic class rocks.

Your recipe book can again be sorted. I could of really used recently, I accidentally purchased 3 different Tradeskill scrolls. If I could of sorted it would of saved me about 10gold. Glad they fixed it though.

The rate at which you gain vitality as well as maximum vitality have been increased for higher level players. Everyone should know by now I want a button to turn off Vitality. It's crap I don't like it and it's just another modifier everyone worries about. So now it's even easier to get to level 60 woohoo! Do we really need to have double XP? Just get rid of the damn modifier and either A. Give it to us as the XP we usually get at double or B. Drop it.. I don't think it's used for what they intended anyhow. The people that don't get to play often get a boost? Yeah like I said everyone uses it for their own advantage by swapping between Tradeskill's and alts to keep their Double XP up.

You can now enter the arenas in Qeynos and Freeport to participate in Arena Champions! The best change in this whole patch. I love it and think it will benefit the Arena idea a lot, I may actually use it now. Not that I didn't like the one in DOF but I just don't want to go all the way there for a stupid Arena battle. Besides it's nice to have ours cites more versatile.. Now for the Roman remake of the Battle of Antioch! I sure hope this makes the Arena's more used and I do believe it will. Best of the Best here we come.
Now hopfully there is a nice Guild level 40 change that will be worth the time and effort. Aggro has a few comments about it today as well. He's pretty good about digging up Gold if there is Gold to be found so I wonder.. Have they placed a Invisible carrot there that we have yet to see?
On a completely different note this weeks Show 8 for the EQ2-Daily is up and it's another good one... O guys it's said Quylein like Kwhy-Len not kwin-lean but I love yah for the plug either way. If you mess it up one more time though I will have to get on the show and say it out loud LOL!


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