Monday, October 24, 2005

Depths of the Dungeon

No not that Dungeon the real Dungeon; one where all your all sweat and tears from watching the Blue and green lines all day will make you go blind.. I'm talking about the Tradeskill dungeon.

I have stayed away from it for Oh so long, and boy was I glad to actually be able to get out and smell the Jumjum. Here recently though I've decided to go back.. Yes I'm a gluten for pain however, it wasn't so painful this time. Instead of pulling out all your teeth, toe nails and scratching out your eye sockets you get to do it with Morphine this time around.

SOE, try as they might are busting their hard assess to get this Tradeskill thing right. Though if you ask me it's beyond true repair. Without doing a Tradeskill update along the same lines as the Combat update it's stuck. First they doubled the XP and that was ok, not quite fair for those that slaved before them, none the less a valiant try on SOE part to do something. Now they halved the XP bar so you go through levels much faster. More fair to those that went before; my level 41 was 42 Armorer in 1 second after a combine. I didn't even XP through 41... Well maybe 10%, so it was quite nice.. I decided to keep going and actually made 44 in about 2 hours of just messing around, which was quite nice. So I will say what they are doing is in the right direction.

SOE is now asking us how can we make Tradeskilling more interesting and fun. They have a little link set up on their sight and you can place your thoughts. I would normally do so but I've had little Gaul to go their at this time. I'm so Lazy I don't even want to find the link, but if your crazy you can look through their forum fest of fun. All I can say is to make it fun is place the Tradeskill instances in much better places. Like Windstalker Village put a vendor there and all the tables and let us go at it in an outside area that's more visually active then that tomb of a place. I know they have an island in Permafrost, which is ok but put a vendor there as well. Be innovative and add cross quests in these area's so you have to move if you want to participate.

I would go into more detail but I've got a Physics and Math final to do. Ok you twisted my arm.. go here to give your own Imput to SOE, about Tradeskilling.


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