Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Day is done

Sorry for the missed post yesterday sadly I've been busy doing physics and Linear Algebra Finals; I just now finished them. Here's hoping for A's from both classes. So now I can Go Surf... The web that is.

Anyhow, on an EQ2 note. I didn't do any harvesting since they upped the % rate on rare's until yesterday and Jezz... Sony, gotta hand it to them I thought they were blowing smoke up my pipe because all of my friends to include my wife were having troubles harvesting rare.

I got 8 rares in a 3 hour sitting and it wasn't all harvesting. I earned 2 ebons 1 ruby 1 rueithim(sp) 3 luminous and an Oak. That's not to include when my Wife joined my and got 2 luminous and 1 rare root( cant remember name at the moment). Now to me that's not child's play for only 3 hours of harvesting... All I can say is I'm going back till I get a stack of Ebon, this is almost as bad as a dupe!! lol Thanks SOE really I love it.

On a more negative tone, I don't really like to call them rare's now. If we all can scroung up rare's by the tons are they really rare anymore? The prices of Ebon alone dropped from 2pp to 70gp in a few weeks since the change and that is not good for business. I've said it before and yes this is on a smaller term. If your going to trivialize what people have done before hand you will start to gain marginalized resentment for wasting our time in the past. An accomplishment by one should only be shared by another through the same amount of work.. (In most cases.. Recent tradeskill change excluded)

To all, have a great day and enjoy EQ2 is still a wonderful game... Nothings perfect right?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although it sucks for those of us that did it the hard way, as new generations of players join the game, our hardships will slowly be forgotten. All that will be left is our bragging rights about how hard it was back in the day.

8:13 AM  
Blogger Quylein said...

Yeah your right, it's human nature to make things easier. Though I have to admit the game in some area's is much more difficult

9:57 AM  
Anonymous Rotacidare said...

I used to brag about how hard it was back in the day in EQ1 when I used to play. No one ever cared...

1:17 PM  

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