Monday, October 31, 2005

R is for Raids

Well this weekend is a landmark weekend for the guild. Our Guild commenced to raid our first all Guild raid mobs. Yes the Raid mobs we took down are weak to a sense of Vox and any other Epic X 4 raid mobs. However, it was something I've been looking forward to since we decided to start our own Guild.

We took down 5 EpicX2 mobs this weekend and we took them all down on the first try. We Took down Vind in the Condemned Catacombs to start off this raiding weekend. It went off with out one hitch. We had one grp all mentored or at 34 to 38. Was a very fun venture to defeat him while he was a challenge.

Our first EpicX2 mob we Raided was Anguis in Antonica we had 2 groups of 8 people total. Level Ranges from 24 to 33. We took him and his little babies down with very little troubles at all. He dropped a nice Fabled ring that had a nice little regen on it. This was a nice little test to see how our guild will do when it matures in level range.

After We took down Anguis we decided to take down 2 Windstalker Rumblers in both Antoinca 1 and 2. These both went down really fast and was of little challenge since we took down Anguis. Some mentored even lower to make him green for loots which were kind of worthless on the second kill.

When we were done we waited till night time and ran over to spawn the Scarkrow king. We got 3 others from outside the guild that needed the quest to take him down. We were all between lvl's 24 to 34. He dropped a nice 8 wisdom leather hat. This was a very fun kill this time around because he was even to me at lvl 27.(killed him at 40 Grey) I was unsure if we were going to be able to take him but we destroyed him in nothing flat..

Needless to say since they fixed the Epic's to be more on par with us they were challenging and not impossible also Very Very fun. Now my next targeted mobs are the level 35 Epic X2 in Thundering Steppes. Our guild is looking up and so am I, hopfully we continue to grow and kick the teeth in on ole Venekor... To all a good day and have a wonderful EQ2 Evening.


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