Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Free Giveaway?

Everyday there is someone giving away something free. Not really free mind you but they lead you to want to know what it's all about. You see people seem to want everything for nothing and the Chicks for free. People want it all with little to no effort and yet still brag about it. As if to me you getting a free item is going to impress me somehow. Call me crazy but if I go over to the Joneses and found that all they own was given to them. I would more then likely care less about catching up with them. I do believe it's human nature to feel this way, you see someone earn it busting there asses and are of a mature mind you admire that. I do believe if your given something for free it holds less value to you. Earn it and you will take care of it, given it you will throw it away.

What I'm getting at here is a little debate over on Summoners board about LU 16. You see there are two types of people in this. The ones that like the ole command /gimmy whateverIwantnoworkincluded and there are people like me that feel if I get what ever I want then there is no point in playing. You see I played on the player ran GOD servers for a little bit and I was able to summon whatever item I wanted no work included. It was boring and lost my interest in about 1 day. Sometimes I don't think people know what they really want, and even though they may want the Screaming mace they feel that it should be a /gimmy screamingmace. These people should be banned to the WOW servers for life.

In one comment I read Maxman13 say"In other words, "normal" people can get the screaming mace too now". Which leads me to believe he did no research or even try to effectively use his EQ2 time figuring out how to do this quest. You see there is a wives tale out there touting that this quest is hard.. or Damn near impossible to complete without Uberguild_01. I say Bull shit!! Get off your lazy ass and work for it, and yes I have a real job, I even go to Collage. I sometimes get to play maybe 1 day a week on the weekends. I DID THE MACE IN 3 DIFFERENT PLAY DAYS. I spent ruffly 13 seperate hours working on it, and that's including the mess around time. I did it with my lvl 41 Mystic at the time, it's not hard nor difficult it just takes time and a good group. I'm not in an uber guild, we can just now take Antonican Epic X2. Sadly the only person with my sentiment was Jabbso.

Jabbso said "Is it just me that's getting concerned about the dumbing down of quests? HQ's in particular". I agree with this 100% there is a CONCERN which can lead to Speculation. I am only speculating that these are becoming dumbed down. I have no inside info, nor does SOE send me the IN info, my inbox consists of ADD's to EQlive and EQ2... I am only concerned because, I feel that if I busted my ass and put my time into an item I'm proud to own. Then don't squash that by giving it away to any other complaing Joeschmow. I don't really know if they are easier or not, and change is good when it makes the game more FUN but at the same time keep it REWARDING. If the only way to get SWEET item_A is to bitch enough that they make it easy then it becomes less SWEET.

What I like about the Change is the SBS, they are taking of the timer between the trials. The dialog spouts to go again right after your done, yet your not aloud to. If I'm defeated then I'm defeated; don't let the lock out bar me from going back.. This is what I feel is a break of immersion.
I don't know if this will come to pass and not sure how LU 16 will play out. However I don't wish to see let's say. Weavmaster pop, as soon as I get to the room where he's at he spawns. Some auto pop mobs are Ok but ones that are a turning point or have a reasoning should not autospawn. This is what I wish not to see but, the specific naming as a PH is alright by me.

My main concern is to change for the better and make it more fun at the same time don't make it easier. I don't need any hand outs, if your going to hand anything out hand me a free year's subscription to EQ2. So I can throw that back into the Joneses faces either that or nail my coffin shut from all the insane gimmys.


Anonymous Both said...

I was on that camp in CT with you, working on Screaming Mace myself. I took some guildies through it again last nite, and have to say the spawn times have been greatly reduced. The Despoiler and Torturer spawned after clearing place holders 3 or 4 times. It is kind of disheartening to know we spent close to 7 hours camping one mob, and then a few weeks later, it gets changed up and I guess 'nerfed' in terms of time spent. But, I also understand why the changes were made. In the recent update, they revamped the loot tables for the zone, as well as, others zones. Now master chests are dropping off of non-named mobs(ie 'a Thulian Torturer'), not to mention Agony is almost always spawned now. Sony is simply trying to keep their player base up. To me it seems like the wrong way to go about it. But we have to think in terms of 'the masses'. The masses want instant gratification. I think thats what all this comes down to. Instead of fixing memory leaks and wall bugs, we get a new GUI and what seems to be a 200% increase in master chest drop rates in certain zones. Instant gratification.

Sunday I was looking through our guild events for the past weekend, in game. There are scores of evens like: So and So looted the Legendary Uber Chestpiece, and So and So looted the Fabled Twinked(Master I).

So where do we go from here? Surely they are not going to make the game any more difficult. People complained after the big combat change, about how some classes lost so much and gained so little, but most of them are still playing. The devs know that. I dont know where we go from here, but I know I will keep playing, because I enjoy the game for what it is. Its entertainment for me. Ive made a bunch of friends and enjoy their conversation and company. And when it stops being entertaining, I will cancel my subscription.

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