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How much is to much and how much does SOE think they will continue to get away with?
Keep rolling that wheel and see how much fortune you will earn by the next fiscal year. I don't want to say were in the last throws of the MMO gaming world for SOE because they have some good games. It feels as if they just want to change things just to see if they can. I mean sometimes things are best if left alone when working properly. It reminds me of an old Airforce saying " Fix it until its broke". Does this wisdumb work for the entire world of corporations?

SWG has some bad mojo going on, purely my opinion but I can have it non the less. I've read around on this and decided to ask a few questions to friends of SWG players. This is my mini interview of what one of them had said.

Quylein: I hear SOE is deciding to change SWG to be more mouse active what do you think about that.

Voulma: Yes they are and I'm done. There is no way in hell I feel it's even fair they considered making the Jedi a starting class. That's just plain messed up, all my hard earned work for nothing. I understand changes needed to be made but I'm not going to be running into newbie Jedi's. Sorry it just pisses me off to much to think about that.

Quylein: I hear they are making it more like Planetside mouse shooting action. That seems to be kinda of fun. More realistic then just autotarget and autoattack.

Voulma: Yeah, but there is no more melee combat. I originaly started off wanting to be a Brawler I spent my entire time fighting things hand to hand and to me the pummeling was the fun.

Quylein: Damn sounds kinda of harsh to just throw all melee out the window. Is there anything good that can come out of this?

Voulma: I haven't seen any of this in action and don't really care to. Change is good and we are all sometimes hesitant to change. I've been playing almost since day one I've had a guild almost as long and we are going to do an official disband this Saturday. So if your asking me is there anything good coming. Nope not for me, Picked up WoW yesterday.

Quylein: Your just walking away? You said it yourself change is good why such a quick disband. Don't you want to wait and see what's going on and didn't you just get the expantion? There is an ole adage not every thing on test goes to live.

Voulma: I Love Star War and think that it was building up to be one of the best MMO's you could play. There are tons of things to do in SWG countless professions you can engross yourself into, and very fun tradeskill considering. Mind you it's a MMO that I've grown accustom to with a certain degree of change. However to me this type of change is nothing more then to drawl newb's in, not make the game better and yes I purchased the expantion.

Quylein: I was quite hostile to the CU EQ2 went through but I noticed that SWG combat update was quite sucsesfull.I calmed down and waited to see what EQ2 will become because SWG's was so sucssefull. You don't think this change in anyway will benefit the game? From what I can tell you will need to have skill to aim and shoot that seems like a cool idea.

Voulma: I would hate to say that it's not an OK idea but, with blasters yes. I do like some of the idea you can run away from a battle more safely due to human error and not just random code. But the Idea of taking away melee and it becoming all Powers and Blasters. Sorry that to me is only part of the Starwars world.

There you have it folks, something I would of only eluded to. He's only one person in the whole SWG realm though I'm sure others will share his thoughts else where. Now I'm not one to Flame SOE outright or have unfounded claims so please only take this as someone's pre-change opinion. I'll ask him more after the change to see if he kept to his word.. Over all I like the idea oh yeah and I'm gonna finally get him into EQ2 if this SWG thing dont blow over.MUAHHAAH *cough cough* ahem! yes were was was I... O yeah.

This all got me to thinking though, what if they took out all strait Melee in EQ2?... What would we all think? The biggest reason for me choosing a Guardian in the beginning was the fact I could use all weapons and wear just about any armor. I would be quite disgusted if one day they said ok in two weeks there will be only bow ability's and CA/Spells.... I do believe you can sometimes press your luck to far before it's a big mess for PR to clean up.

Such as the new LU16 update, there will be a merchant you can now buy your shard back from. Playing Mrs. Pacman has more Risk vs Reward then EQ2 if this hits live. There is only one reason I can fathom as to why they are doing this. It goes along with the same reason they let people have names like Smoochyboches Is'arizonahealer. They don't pay GM's and legally would have to under certain circumstances. Such calling a GM to make all D'kudas type surnames. My educated guess here is the only reason they are doing this is it's easier to put in shard merchant then it is to have GM's on these type of Customer Support.

Here is another thought on that. I don't know call me crazy or call me old school. Maybe it's the America physiologist saying its' bad to say Um... What's that word again... O yeah there it is NO!

Sorry but it's not bad reputation or even bad Customer support to say that is a big fat NO! For crying out loud when someone on EQ2 tells me that they have /petition a GM for a shard recovery I thought they were crazy or just fooling. He said to me nope it's his 3rd shard they will come to recover. He said to me that even if you lost it in the middle of Antonica at lvl 50 they'd still retrieve it. Maybe that is a little overstating I don't know, never did it myself. Anyhow, isn't there a way for SOE to write a rule stating that all lost shards are your problem? Maybe a little bit nicer wording. Sorry but this Shard merchant is a really bad idea for Risk Vs Reward on their already lacking death penalty. Even at 1pp this is still weakening the game some.


Anonymous flashman said...

I do applaud SoE for trying to save the game but the unleashing this one day after everyone bought the $30 expansion...not so nice.

1:33 PM  
Blogger Quylein said...

Flashman, I couldnt aggree with you more.. I have gotten even more info on this as it unravels on my SWG friends.. should be doing a follow up.

7:28 AM  

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