Tuesday, November 08, 2005


As seen on MMODIG the Sloganizer is a fun tool to mess around with and since I have nothing to really say today.


Quylein's got it all! -- I'm the Uberest.

Quylein, just the best -- Still uber

You better get your Quylein out. -- When I cast a bad AOE Nuke

Oh my goddess, it's a Quylein -- Yep yep I'm quite the ladies man

Quylein, created by nature. -- Duh! Thanks Mom

Quylein - simplified! -- Hey My Int is 147 but I'm not that simple

The Quylein community. -- If garnered by all the responces vs post's here it's very small

Share moments, share Quylein -- Not sure if my wife would like that

Be alive with Quylein. -- HEH! not in my group you won't... Quylein don't heal

Quylein extra dry. -- Thank God I'm a man

Always the real thing, always Quylein. -- And that my friends is so True

Take what you want, but leave Quylein alone! -- What my pet regularly says to Orange con Mobs

God made Quylein. -- There you have it folks.... now I can live in peace

LOL! Sorry I had to amuse myself while waiting for this LU 16 to actully hit tommorw. Untill then Enjoy the SLOGINIZER.


Anonymous Grouchy Gnome said...

Amusing. I liked these:

"Where's your Nerfbat?"
"The Nerfbat loves you."
"And on the eighth day, god created the Nerfbat."

Okay, I'll admit to adding a couple "the"s in there, but they still worked out nicely.

6:54 PM  
Blogger Quylein said...

LOL the nerfbat love's me- WHOOHOO I LOVE YOU TO MAN!!

7:26 AM  

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