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At my leisure

This weekend marks the first break where I was at a loss for wanting to play EQ2... No really I play EQ2 at all times of the days and have been since Dec 2004. I Couldn't explain it, both Sat and Sun which are the only real days I can spend a good amount of time were both spent lollygagen. I would get on start do do something then take a break, nap time!! Or I would just go mining because I didn't want to get a group involved and want to leave.

I spent the later part of last night in the store and was curious to see if I'm just on gaming overload or is there some outer forces working against me. I didn't really know why EQ2 has just not been fun in the past few days. I went to go see if I could find a box version of DOF and behold I found Depths of Darkhollow. It's a EQlive expantion, the latest one if I'm not mistaken and I figured hmm let me see what this is all about. I looked at the back and it reminded me of my old days in West Commons getting jumped by Werewolfs. There is this Werewolf ghost Mob on the back of this package and it hit me. I love Nek, scary for newbs and painful in a bad group funny how there is no werewolves out there yet there is a whole AP exploiting Vampires in EQ2. I love vampires don't get me wrong but where are the werewolves? Ok now I'm going off here.
I looked further down on the box and there was a cool looking Boar with razor sharp tusks splitting it mouth like as if it was more Ant like. I thought to myself that would be a cool looking ride then right in that same area I seen get a FREE mount and some free spirit shard.. I believe the shard is for mentoring as a monster. However, this Free mount wasn't intriguing at all why didn't I have to earn it. I'm still sour that I can't have a Camel mount, but still. It reminded me of how all the work I put into this game is trivialized after I'm done.

I commenced to look at why I was board with EQlive and EQ2 in the recent days and it hit me. They are giving away the game, the whole game and nothing but the game. I'm not sure if Smed is thinking of these things or their PR department. What goes through someone's head when they are trying to sell these type of arguments? Isn't this game where you should earn your Level and reward? Don't you want people to play month to month or is it the if they buy the expantion were ok mentality? This is how I envision a conversation.

PR: Lets give them a bone that they will love so they spend 29$ Chaching!!
Designer: But um sir don't we want them to continue to play our game so they can see our work and enjoy the expantion?
PR: MONEY chaching!! Who cares if we give them a mount they can sit in the NEXUS and say Oooo I'm soooooo Cool... Yeah!!
Designer: Cool sir? You just gave that Boar away that I worked hard on...
PR: Chaching Cashola!! Um... Yeah but we can make it so it only LOOKs cool
Designer: How bout we make fun content and you sell that?
PR: $$!! What? Hello Cool mount? Who cares about fun content?

You get my point and it can be uses in many cases with many Expantions or Adventurepacks. I looked into myself and looked at why I play EQ2.
1. Beautiful grafix, wonderful sceanery and a lot of quest, so many it can give you a few nose bleeds trying to figure them out.
2. Great system of fighting especially since the CU. Though I wish I could tone down clerics reactive heals.
3. Constant updates to fix the things that need to be fixed.
4. A small sense of accomplishment each quest you finish
5. Great guild, of Which Im Co-Leader with 2 others and I would hope to be able to do more with in the future.
6. .....
Ok I've, I really played up a few characters and Love my Mystic. I do enjoy doing daring things with groups that have the kachinko's. However, since I've completed all but 2 heritages I've ran out of steam. There is small content here and there that I enjoy but the majority of the What I call throw away zones, others call them Permafrost and Lavastorm I find them boring and uninvolved... Believe me I've tried.

I go to DOF and enjoy it to an extent but again I feel that the over zone of SS is like PF and LS. I am trying I really am but these places seem void of anything real. I did enjoy the faction fest in Maj'dul and had a fun time till I got waxed 2 times in 10 min by the carpet police.. I'm not gonna XP and faction where the carpet police kill me but leave the NPC alone.. It's just as much their fault. That and I'm not going to continue to pay 3gp each time I die because I have no way of protecting myself from the 1hit murdering carpet cop.

To the defense of EQ2 I did really have a lot of fun and enjoyed the quest on Pirate's perch. There was this lamp I rubbed and poof out came a Genie. I totally loved the involvement of this 10 minute instance quest.. I wish there was a group version that was more involved but the quest was actually fun non the less.

I've tried to make an alt and has be simi fun but there is only so many times you can do newbie areas Antonica, TS, Nek before you really just don't wanna kill another gnoll or griffin. I'm looking to the future of my alt and thinking of a route to take him that will differ from my Guardian, Conjurer, Mystic and the choices are quite slim.

I'm going to take a break this week and when LU 16 comes I will try it out. Maybe a break will do me good. I really do want to explore DOF much more however, at this time I've got little initiative to do anything other then mine for ebon..Woohoo fun! ... Com'on Vanguard Beta invite!!


Blogger Zygwen said...

Your last few post about changes SoE has been making have been pretty negative. Personally I don't find those changes to be so bad.

There are several heritage quest that I have not completed because the return on investment was insufficient to make it worth the effort. Those items can not be used by my main, I don't care about the title and have over 1.4 million status points. I quit doing Lost Legend of Lavastorm at the point where you had to get an update off a 2 day spawn that is perma camped by plat farmers. I play the game to have fun, not to be endlessly frustrated by bottle necks. Bottle necks remind me of the old cleric epic ragefire camp. I refused to finish my clerics epic till that was fixed.

Buying shards back is a good thing. Every so often, someone on our raids loses a shard in an out of the way place. Currently, they would have to either beg a group to retrive the shard or not log in for 3 days. If they can buy shards back then they don't have to drag me to the end of Sol Eye and back just for a stupid shard. In eq they have something similar with corpse summoning.

Enougth negative thoughs, I came here to talk about DoF.

There is a lot to see in DoF however one has to look carefully. SS has several dynamic camps that are not very well documented. I also found one in Living Tombs and Silent City. I've also enjoyed the Carpet quest, the amulet of ro quest and the Peacock club quest. I find that the old world zones lacking in points of interest when compared to the DoF ones. DoF added some neat features like social agro and soloable named mobs that have also increased my enjoyment of the game.

The thing is, eqLive has a lot more content because it has been around a lot longers. To compare farely I think you'd have to compare eq2 today versus eqLive after the first expansion. Overtime, eq2 will catch up to eqLive but good things take time.

10:13 AM  
Blogger Quylein said...

Though I totally agree with you about the fact that they should put in a shard summon for the necro and conj class I dont think buy back shards is the way to go.

I want to explore SS more but have just hit road blocks the last few times I have. I've seen silent city when I watched my wife's monk there it looks fun just havent had the time to get there.

As far as bottle necks I don't like them either. However, my notion to make Quests fun doesnt nessisarly mean to make it easier.. SOE only knows how to make things eaiser.. a 2 day spawn I will agree is a bit much for the return on most quests.

As far as EQ2 overall I still give it a 4 out of 5 stars. Hey we dont have to like everything do we? LOL anyway I mainly agree with you.

10:47 AM  
Blogger Zygwen said...

iirc in eqLive with Dragon's of Norrath you can summon corpses from anywhere to the main guild hall in PoK. It wasn't cheap though.

You are right, we don't have to like everything. I absolutly hate raiding for wooden chest instead of iron ones. I think x4 raid mobs should guarantee iron chest.

Considering that usualy 0 or 1 fabled item drop per master chest. In the best case scenario it would take 384 raids to equip a full raid of 24. I don't see why they had to further dilute things.

11:56 AM  

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