Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Happy Birthday EQ2

Yes today is what I'm figuring they are calling the BDay of EQ2. Though I think an actual BDay would of been back in Beta or before when the game was first playable. Anyhow, today we get our "veteran rewards"... I think it's neat and some things I would love to have like a Pirates Flag, ARRRRR! However, I'm really waiting to get into refacing some of my alts with the new SOGA.

You see I made my alt Fighter who was designed to be a monk back before we had 1000000000000000 other monks and they were how do you say? Lacking... Well I want to make him look more like a Bezerker so to me this new SOGA system is perfect, that and my HIE will look less FEM. Not sure about how I feel on some models like the new klingon race. What's that? Ogre? hmm.. Coulda fooled me. Though I really do feel there are even more changes I like.

Well, Now I can help build up some Giffen towers and to me this seems it will be thoroughly enjoyable on a small scale. I have a few questions about it that I'm sure one day will be answered but...
1. When they open new servers like PVP and or Special server will they be required to make these tower's as well?
2. How long is the venture gonna take and will everyone get a good shot at being able to help out? Or is this just a grinding quest for 2 days of about a handful of people?
So, it looks like either way this is a neat way of implementing new things in the world that I would like to see happen on a more frequent bases.

Now Aggro has said there are Old schoolers like me, not directed at me but.. Well anyways. He said "Some like instant travel, some enjoy the old EQ style travel". I'm a little bit of both if done in the right context. Such as the old ways of EQ2 where you had to bust your ass going to the outskirts of Nek or TS; you had to quest to get to EL and Zek and then again to Feerrott, LS and EF. This was enjoyable because it seemed as if I was on a boat forced to survive in order to see land on the other side. Though I still think the GGGgoblins and an old EQ1 boat system would be more fun..!! With random mobs (Cyclops) hitting you while you can't fight back.. Ahh the good ole days. Ok back on track.

I usually don't try to take the bell in QH to Nek or TS a lot, call me cheap or call me a glutton for low level randomness. You never know what will happen from Qeynos to TS even at level 60 if you travel by foot vs travel by griff vs travel by Bell in QH. Some newbie you might meet may end up becoming your best friend but if you paid 60 silver you may have never of meet them.. I see things weird I know. Dammit, Ok to the point of this all.

I'm glad there are choices and enjoy all of them here and there but mainly I use the Griffen a lot more. I don't think it takes away from travel in the least but that's just how I see it. I think if the world was connected and we could hop from Griff to Griff it would be more realistic feeling then clicking a bell to a boat ride that doesn't exist unless you pay for it on different ticket master. If you ask me when you click the bell a boat should come within that min, you hop on it and have a short adventure to each destination.. NO insta travel from the Bell for anyone... But in order to keep old world zones from going to sparse they would have to fix the Zone system to Sinking sands... If I want to XP or mine at level 45+ why would or should I pay 60SP to get to LS when I get a free carpet ride to SS? Over all the Griff change in Nek and TS is a very good idea.

Ok now for the part I really like the fact I finally can get stat bonus for my range slot!!! I mean it took a year to figure that out? Well better late then never I always say. I just hope that they realize Shamans are ninja's too and soon after lets me throw ninja stars... Muahahah!!!(/sarcasm off)

I wish you all a Happy EQ2 Bday and hope that your Rewards are as plentiful as any supermarket give away!!


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