Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I went on for lunch for about an hour and all I have to say is WoW... Much more then I expected with the SOGA. My wife dislikes most of them but hey I am glade users get a choice as to what they see...

My suggestion is to activate your SOGA regardless of weather you like it or not. (you don't have to turn the options on however, just change their SOGA looks)
Redo your character on the select screen and make them the way you like best because you have no choice on weather or not they see you like SOGA... You may just look retarded!! I re-did my Bezerker and Conjurer and am totally glad to have had a better feeling character..Sorry I love Asian looks better but that's just me.. Call it all the years under the Final Fantasy influence.

The best change of all that was unexpected by me for some reason... Armor changes, Vanguard well some of the tier's got revamped such as Ebon and Cobalt.. No longer have the GHEY dress front and back. Some of the Chain got bulkier and more drawn out and the AQ colored stuff looks better if you as me.

The only bad thing is some Races stand like they got sticks in their bums and it's quite annoying however, I'm sure it's just buggy and will be fixed...(I hope) Enjoy your Gifts.


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