Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Once more into the Hive my friends

Yes once more I'm diving into 1/3 term tests, Got my Physics2 test and will be working my brain cells to the bone. As if that's not enough to stress me out, I've been looking over my priority's. I'm married I have 2 children one from another marriage and one now and they require a lot of me. I've been going to school non-stop for almost 2 years without any break. I work 50 hours a week most the time, and rarely seem to have time to blog and or eat lunch. I am a Co-Leader of a Guild, and to top it all off raid coordinator till our raid officer is up to speed. Oh did I mention I get my DiffyQ's Test tonight too. Sweet! I guess what I'm getting at here is I'm on E and need a break, seriously.

Not much I can say on the EQ2 front other then that I've been enjoying Leveling up my lowbies getting 20 on my Bezerker and 31 on my Conj. It's a real delight not really having to group at this point because it seems I get a small play window lately and hope things get cleared up with the break I get from the Holidays. I'm hopeing to start these MORE FUN Heritages and see what the effort was put into the changes. This will be the 3rd set of HQ's I've done most on my Guardian and all but 2 on my Mystic.

Keep tuned, here shortly for those of you who watch MONK on USA. In the next few weeks I appear in Monk and the Astronauts. I will post the exact date when I know it airs.


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