Thursday, December 08, 2005

Vanguard The little franchise that will

Over all the huff I feel since that last LU17 I keep getting breaths of fresh air when I head over to Vanguard. Now every one may not agree that there should be harsh death penalty's or a 100% free instanced world every one will agree their interested in this MMO in some fashion.

Questions arise around this game everyday, like will it beat WOW? Will it's oust it's EQ2 sister? Will it live up to the players Hype? My answers would be I would really hope so, it's unlikely it will take on WOW by subscriptions but I think overall it will be a contender for 2nd in numbers in America. I also believe that the hype is well lived by looking at the untouched photo's and the various information you can pick up here and there.

I believe that the revolution is around the corner and with my Beta Application in I sure hope I can live it first hand here shortly. I will give whatever I can on Vanguard till it's release but with the NDA I'm not even sure I can say I got into

Some will probly start to say I'm a Vanboi, to them I say... So be it; more update's to come


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