Friday, December 09, 2005

Vanguard: Lore

We all know that Anna is the Queen, but do you really know any stories behind the in game Queen other then she grew up poor? The real lore behind the Queen Antoina is sparse at best and there is no stories to bring you closer to her. Then SOE cast Heather Gram that then had to voice what would of been her scraggly garbage eating poor speak into a gnarly annoying sound which hasn't poised a Great Queen but hey that's just me.

Well Vanguard has been etching their way into our hearts with great lore and I figured I would choose a piece that speaks to me. I'm only under the assumption that Idara is the equivalent to Firona Vie and Queen Antonia but either way the stories of lore are expansive and most are beautifully written.

I wish there would be a Part 3 to Idara soon, only time will tell how it all turns out. Enjoy your read.


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