Monday, December 12, 2005

EQ2: Conjuration

The little things count to me and at this point I'm on the fence as to where SOE is taking EQ2. In the previous few weeks I've had a lot of negative to say about some changes facing Norath and all I can say is LU18 was a breath of fresh air.

The list is a good one for Summoner's alike, as the way pets looked thus far I've been satisfied on the Conjurer side. I don't much like the 2 changes to the Tellurian avenger and Igneous magi pet's. Not that they have any negative conditation but, it's just um... How do I put this, less to my taste. I don't mind to much, the fire pet is indicative of what it's suppose to be (lvl 20 illustion anyone?) however the Earth pet is funny... Winstalker rumbler FTW!!
I think I'm more excited that my Air pet has got a great new look, this one has "Shocked and Awed!" me. Go see for yourself here...

There are Oh So many more surprises embeded that I truly love, and been waiting for:
-Pet combat now shows under its own chat category (Combat -> Melee Combat -> Your Pet Hits, etc)
- Pet damage bubbles will appear colored to the owner:* Pet hits something: yellow* Pet gets hit: dark red
Summoner changes:- Call Servant is a new level 15 spell that will teleport a summoned pet to the Summoner. -- Not sure why this one took this long to get but, SWEET MOTHER OF ALL THAT'S GOOD AN PURE!!! Thanks

I will also admit to having tons of fun this weekend with my Conjurer. Got a few HQ's done and blew past 2 levels w/o Vitality all doing quests... Had a blast running around naked die'n just for fun.... The only bonus to having no shard is once I get done exploring quickly I can say "been there done that got the Explore XP"

Correction to previous statement that SOE made HQ's easier: Since I'm on my 4th set of Heritages I've ran into a few stumbling blocks like the Stein of Moggok quest. I have spent 2 separate days doing the bouncers and the other 3 times I've done this it was like Bam BAM BAM!! Done.. So thus far I've not notices HQ's to include the DWB all coveted Bloodtalon are still rare for the taking and seem to be more of a camp.
Oh and Just for Brags I soloed a 40 heroic ^^^ at 44, ahh so much cooler to be a Conjurer.


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