Monday, December 19, 2005

The newbie abbreviated

Well I had a nice little post about being a newbie in the lands of Warcraft and Vana'diel but then the power went out and I lost about 6 paragraphs so I'm to tired to retype it all.

First I would like to say World of Warcraft isn't all that bad. There is still a corpse/shard type run that I enjoy. I even got lost a few times back to where I died. The world is nice and I like the fact you get to travel. The PVP aspect of it I've yet to experience however, I'm sure I would enjoy it on a even playing field. I didn't like the UI it seems obtrusive and not very friendly and the fact chat didn't hide itself overall was a disappointment. The character create screen was lacking and it was more or less a easy deal all round. Not something I would be glad to drop 30$ on at this time. Though I would play this if I didn't invest to much time into EQ2, I still have a hard time playing a cartoon. Also with the advent of PVP in EQ2 I really doubt I will outlive my free 10day trial. Mooo! You happy now?

Final Fantasy online: I decided to finally get after all this time and as of this moment I'm glad I did. The fighting seems slowish but hey I'm only a level 1 Red mage at this point. The world is beautiful I can't say that enough, EQ2 is nice but FFO's world seems more lived in. It's a world of travel and that's a bonus. The map's have to be found and/or purchased not just run around or Download some applicator TADA but, I'm not really a map man. The controls are well built for a controller but hard for a keyboard, go figure it's made for PS2 as well.

My chief complaint is the lack of keyboard options on the direction arrows, they are used for camera angles and I've yet to be able to use them for movement. I've spent a better part of 2 hours redefining what I know about current MMO's and struggled like I was a real newb. That isn't necessarily a bad thing but I love to learn and learn I did. The overall UI is MONEY to me, it's open basic and makes the world stand out more. I didn't feel like I was standing behind a counter serving PWNAGE!1111!! Another dislike is the fact once your in the selection UI mode your stuck till you ESC out of it. Not sure how beasts will be when your KOS or if you get KOS, but if I'm fighting and I have to ESC out just to target and /a to fight that might get a little annoying. I also don't like the fact that I can't choose my server without a world pass, what kinda BS is that? You can also find a nice little tid bit about it here.

One thing I would like to touch on really quick is the creation screen. FFO has a EQ1 interface for creating basically. You have 5 races 2 hair styles and about 8 faces per some have female/male so there is a variance. I've realized even though there is limited variance in character creation, it don't seem like there are drones walking around. In EQ2 even though I can make my Highelf creation system with 1000 ways of making him stand out. He still looks like every other Highelf if they have the same hair style and color. I feel that the already rendered faces are more then EQ2's personal choice difference's there that different.

Over all the best newb experience is EQ2, it's engrossing beautiful and eventful. Fights are more realistic due to motion capture and the world is better glossed. However, with all this revamp EQ2 for the newb sensation you would figure that EQ2 would try to sell during the holidays. There wasn't one EQ2 box on the shelf at any store I went to. You can take it one of 2 ways, they are sold out or, they just didn't push the sales to the store. I will take the ladder; it just seems like they are pushing a game that really isn't on the market. WOW had a 60 day free run of the game with retail purchase and FFO has 30 days free for you and 30 days free for a friend. EQ2 had nothing but the DOF expantion... Yippy! Here's hoping for more travel and the return of the Shard.


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