Friday, January 06, 2006

I found Antonia

I been in search of my own Antonia.. my Queen... my Love.. Sadly I found out why the castle door's in Qeynos are locked and why we the little people aren't aloud in the Queens room to meet her. I know that those who have betrayed have seen her wrath, I now know why she's so pent up about those that don't bow down and obey her....

Yes that's right she's a Weapon sales person in Jeuno in the world of Final Fantasy and she still dresses pretty scantly only more S&M. Whips, chains, and Bastard swords oh my!

Here's a better side shot.

When I found her I tried to dime her out to the guard's but they wouldn't have it. Oh no she's only the lowly weapons sales person... Yeah right! So now I'll never look at her the same, she is a working man like the rest of us. Then she kicked me out of the store...


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Blogger Quylein said...

Just wait till this friday

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