Thursday, December 22, 2005

EQ2: Frostfell

I have to say Frostfell is neat I enjoyed the quest to save Frostfell in most cases. There are only some small details that I have had trouble overlooking as I'm sure most noticed.

The city was set up beautifully and yet, it seemed a bit artificial. Someone said it made them feel like they were in a Candy Land nightmare. Now I won't go far as to say it was nightmarish but it did feel a bit Candy Land like, with out all the bright colors everywhere. I've mentioned before that the snowmen and women are around but it's not snowing. I figured they might have snow on the ground w/o snow falling because the EQ2 weather system is very lacking. Sadly they just added more candy canes. Yum! I tried to lick a candy cane and got my tongue stuck, so it is cold but not snowy.

The Quest! Yes I started out not liking this quest but once I finished with the Gibgibblers and read through the book I liked it. Funny they copied the Grinch story but even still it was pretty neat. The book with the story was very cool, the pictures added gave the whole book a child like yet loreish feel. I just wish they would make all books that are readable like that, with pictures and all. After I entered Everfrost with a X-mas hat and unlimited NUKE balls, Boi that was fun. I ran around destroying things very Uber like, that was the best part of don't underestimate the power of a Snowball. I truely have to come back to say I was wrong on frist impresions, EQ2 did a decent job and hope they can continue the Frostfell well into the future.

The Presents! I got a snowglobe of Qeynos which was neat, but that's the only snow around the castle I'll ever see huh? Ok sorry I'll let it go.... There was a vendor that you could buy cheap holiday stuff from which was nice. Candles for the shelf and wall, they are all pretty nice. I then did the Once a day gift and got a few different music boxes. This is the best present to me as a long time EQ player. I've seen 5 so far and they are all Boxes of music my fave is Greater Faydark and the weird one was Freeport. I listened to Freeport and it is nothing like you hear now in EQ2. Defiantly a nice addition to your room... now to get Kelethin.

Happy Frostfell, and Merry Christmas, See you all next year.


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