Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Quylein: I'm Back!!

After my little Vacation I'm back and with little more info then I left with. As you all may know I'm taking a break from EQII and plunged head strong into Final Fantasy XI. Well I did get to do a few things in EQ2 that I wasn't expecting. It was fun for the most part but mainly tiresome because the tank we had was how do I put this.... Our main guild tank is pretty much fabled out, so as a healer I have little to no job so to add injury to my boredom I didn't get to heal much.

Here's the scoop I went to silent city and we died once on the way there due to channel cleaners that was about as fun as it got. Once we got there we did a few quests and waited in what always seemed to be a dead end area for a rare mob to pop.. Not sure which just know I was there only to help. Well later after I literally feel asleep at my monitor my wife woke me up to go finish up my carpet quest. As much fun as I figured this would be it was just another notched quest finished, with a reward that everyone 50+ pretty much already has done. I Once again didn't feel any gratification, I keep trying to pinpoint it but it still seems to be the fact that risk vs reward just really isn't there.

Later we went to Soleye that was fun at first, our MT was pulling so many Heroic level 48+ mob at one point I though we were goners... You see you can't engage a mob killing you if there are to many of them at once so I had to just spam heal. Now that was fail fun until we sat in the back room once again for a mob to pop for BOF access. We finally got it and the whole ring event was very uneventful. Now if most of us were in our high 40's low 50's it would of been more entertaining sadly it was not. Couple the fact that their is an expantion and the raise to level 60 and the death penalty being less then Mario bro's for Atari it has a more meaningless feel to it. My wife keeps trying to re-engage my interests in EQII and everytime I see more and more DOF zones the more I wish I would of saved my cash. A lot of the zones are repetitive and or seemingly lacking in adventure but, don't take my advice there is just a different feeling when you don't care if you die.

The biggest trouble I have with this whole hand me out EQII has gotten into is where is the actual reward for busting your ass. We got a raid together for the Scepter HQ and ran across a EpicX3 in SS. The raptor, not sure what name is well he went down fairly easy only a few deaths but no retry.. Once he died the loot "OH yeah this has gotta be half way good"... Yup you guessed it a pair of plate leggings with worse stats then the player made vanadium.... and Tada.. a Tradeskill scroll purchased once you got your faction up. OMFG!!

Here we go getting 15 people together which is a feat in and of itself with the degraded EQ2 population and we get shit loot for a Epic X3... It made me think WTF how come at 50 I can go to Runnyeye and get master loots off heroics solo or a small group in CT, yet it's still heroics. But a level 55 Epic X3 doesn't drop even decent non master loot? It's broke I don't like broke and hand me outs all the time make people not appreciate something as much. Com'mon Dev team you care so much about EQ2 why don't you make it so we care too? I've yet to see something in EQ2 where I'm gonna really want it, it's rare and it's a benefit to actually have it. So my question to you is where is the fun, excitement, adventure? Hell if there is no travel you should have plenty of time to think about putting these types of things in. Yeah go figure we want fun, who'd a thunk it right? Easy patches to put in the next few LU's or Expantions

Fun: Make it so you have to use your brain and bonus if there is no way to really follow a spoiler. Spells is a biggy for me being that I'm a mage..** Make it so some of the spells are only questable, .. Say you get nice spell at level 61 maybe make one drop or buyable, but make another quest only(no drop, no sell).

excitement: Make death matter... A few gold is a joke and Debt is laughable. I get my heart pumped when I know there is a huge chance of failure and failure is only felt with a punch in the face, not a mosquito bite. Bring back group Xp debt but only make it so if your group is in the same rural area. Make it so that at level 60 you can lose xp so you still have that I don't wanna die feeling.... Make solo Xp debt suck say around 4%... Think of something...

adventure: Since we all got 40%+ run speeds post 50 and the fucking bells, flying carpets rides, and griffons, why not actually make it difficult and adventurous to travel to some places. This insta shit has got to stop, it makes me feel like I'm in a box not a world. I think even adding some neat cut scenes for the first time doing something may add to the adventure. ** such as you ring a bell on the docks to Willow wood going to Qeynos harbor. You see a harbor man rowing a boat up to you then you board and off you go not everytime, but every so often to get the feel.
** You could make it so boats come in and out of port in the Harbor... for crying out loud it's a Harbor and even if it's static boats it gives a neater feel to the place. There is like one static boat in Freeport, Neat.. Give us more little details.

Yes, I know this is yet another negative EQ2 post and as much as anyone who loves this game I don't want to write them but I do write what I feel. I know there is tons that the Dev team did and there is a lot of good. I would like to point it out sadly, at the moment my mind is only filled with the what needs fixed because it makes the game suck at the present. I also know that if I stop playing EQ2 there are about 15 others that will quit and migrate over to another game... I already got 4 coming to Final Fantasy XI. No, it's not a threat our measly money wouldn't amount to squat however, I know if were doing it others are too... Here's rooting for EQII to become the game it can be.

On the only semi positive note: The Beserker AQ armor is bad ass I just wish they would stop making the armor look like they ripped it off of actual tanks..LOL


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