Tuesday, October 31, 2006

CA's, Spells and Class Combining

There are some decent spells in the game and some with unique enough talent trees they are relegated to a single class. Some say it's because it's two sides of the same coin and SOE did it just to split up the subclass. Much like the Shaman at 52 they split in some areas, the Mystic gets Torpor and the Defiler gets Canny; if your from EQ1 you knew both these spells were Shaman spells shared by no other classes. I didn't feel left out because I didn't get Canny but hey I don't stress about the small stuff. I heard latly that since they split the Classes in two it makes your job easier. My chief complaint with that is there is no basis to compare it to other then EQ1. While I was my Conj on EQ2 I can say the more I had to deal with Spell wise the more the game would be easier. If I had say the Necro line as well I would be unstoppable and if I messed up I could just FD, I guess I don't see where more ability's makes it harder. It just seems to me most that want classes to be combined altogether just want their EQ1 experience back all I have to say to them is go back to EQ1.

Even EQ1 wasn't without problems on raids, if they were good and decent players you would only need one of a few given classes. A few good examples are Mage and Shaman, both of these didn't stack well with like classes and when it came to DPS the Conj was easily replaced by melee which seemed better in duration fights. I have played a few different classes and never really felt left out or pushed aside because of the split in EQ2 but it doesn't mean there isn't an innate problem overall in the system dynamics. I just prefer the split because it's more friendly and easier for others to invite to a raid if you want certain abilities. Mystic's Bolster, Brigands Dispatch to name a few and the best part about it these are short duration long recast so you can stack with other like classes. The Holy trinity doesn't exsist anymore as a needed setup which makes this a much more playable game for all.

As a Brigand I'm wanted on raids but in the end it was for a different reason then an Assassin or Ranger. I had no clue that Brigands were a debuff class and has some of the coolest abilities like Dispatch and Amazing Reflexes. Some say they are to overpowering but I say they aren't any more powering then Rain of Arrows, Ice Nova, or Decap. Those defining abilities do massive damage and they complain about debuffs and avoidances to counter their abilities. I don't want to get into a fight over who is the best class for raids or pvp because everyone has a place. Yes tweaking is in order of some abilities it doesn't mean they are nerf or combining classes worthy just because their bread is buttered on the upside and yours is on the downside. It only means that if you complain about another class to nerf; remeber Karma is a bitch.


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Compared to ice comet and decap rain of arrows deals litle damage. Sniper shot is the ranger heavy hiter.

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