Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Uber? nah!

Ok, I've spent my time in Eq2 slower then average and when I spent my alt time which is now my main I chased AAXP more then Normal xp. Since PVP came out I played a paly to 15 and then crossed over to my Brigand who is now 70. I maxed him a week back and just this weekend I maxed his AAXP, even paying a few silver to respect as a Merc/Fencer which thus far has proven to rock. I guess my point is I'm not working on maxing my Tradeskills and then I'm super maxed but I had my sights set on one other thing.

The new guild I just joined, Dark Omen. These guys seem to know just what's up and for me and the friends that followed we got lucky. Everyone knows everyone and somehow or another we have just enough to kick in some relic raids and the like. There is no greed and tons of fun so I guess finally after starting EQ2, I found the guild I've been looking for. Oh and this weekend we hit guild level 40 now it's time for me to farm so I can get my Nightmare.... Sweet another thing for me to do.

I can hardly wait for the expansion next month.


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