Thursday, June 22, 2006


As I've said in previous posts, posting will be minimal for now. I'm moving back to my old Egress shop and waiting orders out of here. So I'll get to posting when things are more settled.

On the up, Tradeskilling is much nicer for me even though I wasn't sure how the economy was gonna turn out overall it's been very good change.

The Adventure pack is a neat place and for PVP a great place to city pvp if your 50+. The immersion and questing is a bit more what I like even if you have to sit and read what The master has to say then basically repeat it back. It's beautifully done and the whole Asian motif was outstanding for me. Lets just hope Soe keeps it up.

On a more pressing question, where is the PVP blackmarket? I remember something about it being put into the game in the open pvp area's but I've yet to find it and if it's not in yet when?

One more kudos is Soe took my master trading idea... Even if they didn't read this blog and use my idea I know I had it up here before I read it on the boards. So once this goes live baring any bugs it should kick arse.

until next time stay real.


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