Thursday, June 08, 2006


I ask for your Forgivness in my not being able to post as often since I got back. I will try to make it a point to at least get 3 posts a week if not all 5 sadly though My work has finally Nerfed Blogspot from the network and there is no other way aroud it. I'll have to write it at work and send it to myself as usaual... I'm gonna try to get a juicy one up later today.


Blogger Mr.X said...

Check if they nerfed out Wordpress too. Would be shocking if they didn't, but you never know till you check.

I migrated over there and think it's a better blog system -

10:28 AM  
Blogger Quylein said...

Yep it's nerfed too, lol. O well I'm gonna do my best

9:32 PM  

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