Monday, April 24, 2006

To the Victor

We officially had our second war with the sister Guild "Brownie troop 187" and all I have to say is. We won we won nah ner nah ner boo boo, as the BT187 crew would of liked to say… Well, I can’t say it was a total loss it was just a loss in the big wars. They did take both the high level one on one groups and one of the low level group fights (despite that they didn’t have any healer). They did an awesome job at holding their own and overall it was a blast. Wish all you could have been there but sadly we’re members only, J/K. Here are a few screen shots from the war. Wipe here Wipe there, the best part about it was we got Guild level 11 and about 20% more XP into level 12. Thanks BT187, and a Big thanks to all that attended.



On another note my work has blocked all Blogs as I was afraid they would do. I must now write this in word and Email it to myself. The wife would get testy if I was spending every day for a few hours posting my thoughts on whatever daily. So, forgive any double day posts or any late day posts. I’ll try to get at least 3 post a week up if all goes well.


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