Monday, April 10, 2006

The Big News; just not mine

Today I was going to go over how carpenters could fit better into the world of EQ2, and by an assumption I'm making about what Aggro wrote it looks like they will. At least in part, I'll go more indebth about that tomorrow. Now onto....

THE BIG NEWS: Of which I have none, well none from experience but if your looking around today it's a windstorm of this weekends Fanfair. There is tons of stuff to pilfer for us but as with anything it'll take a lot of pilfering just to find something we might want to hear. . Sorry I just don't have any news of my own, I don't want to reprint or reblog so I'll just link a few. I would of loved to have gone to this fan fair but as far as budgeting, I calculated a minimum of 1500$ just to get there thru the weekend. If I had that type of money to go I would of went or hmm.... the upgrades to my computer I could make so EQ2 would have all the bells and whistles.

As always Aggro me and EQ2-Daily always hit home, lucky sons of ...... Were able to go. There are some decent links and info on Aggro and some insightful banter on EQ2-Daily.

One thing is for certain even if the only info that was gathered (which it's not) was about the new consignment system I'd still be stoked. This has some hints of Final fantasy online but it's great none the less, carpenters might have more of a real role in the world. Other then making someone have a in game house that nobody ever really sees. I really hope this works out great for both the adventurer and tradeskillers alike. I was always hoping some of these house boxes I made to the weapon rack I claimed could be used for more then just looking nice in my insta-room. I will go on more about this tomorrow I just want all this to settle in.


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