Thursday, April 06, 2006

Making change

Some may say that the proof is in the pudding. I say it's in the effort of putting that delightful desert together. Days like today are no different I usually keep track of what SOE is doing with EQ2 and I have to say in the recent year and change they have done a great job. Many people who initially played EQ2 found it distasteful some in grafix but most were in the execution of gameplay and the general worldy feel. I have to say in the recent months, found that these changes have brought back and introduced the new wave of newbs which is a rather good thing. What's great about MMO's is they constantly change and what's bad about MMO's is they always change. However, we are not here today to talk about that. It's another post on how I think changes could benefit the world of Norath.

First, I hear in the next LU that they are to change damage to effect something you changed out within 30 seconds. I like this change because it tells those who were circumventing the system to deal with the ramifications of /yell /nude macro.. die. It says to them your going to pay the price no matter what. I do feel this is a step in the right direction for death, though I'm hopping for a harsher PVE death system to be focused on. Maybe not harsher in the effects of the (shard run, Corpse run) but there has to be something to make me care about dieing in PVE. PVP death is balanced in a great way and I can't complain because, I really just don't wanna die to the other team. Anyhow, the great side effect is there will be 2 second swapouts which will help my Guardian do a shield bash switch back to duel wield like my old EQ1 days. It will also help various other alts that do in battle swapout functions.

There is also an upcoming change to some of the dungeons. To me anytime a dungeon is changed or tweak it's cause for semi-concern. Yes some of the loot tables in these area's are dated but other then loot tables being placed there is a need to watch out for more botters. The huge problem I noticed in Runnyeye when it was overhauled were high level botter's. I seen them using mentor to KS other valid groups and camping/farming non-stop. They would constantly train other groups if they get to close to their kill and were just down right greedy. I think this will be a good change in the end.

One PVP change I would like to see happen: There have been several times people just spawn rush you or spawn camp. Either way it's not really the spirit of what I call true PVP, yes there should be trickery and debotchery. However, it seem that the higher level we go the worse this position becomes. I don't mind a few people coming back for revenge kill on me I do, so I know a few would come try their hand at it as well. It only becomes a problem when someone just wont quit, No real recourse on them after the first kill. So they continue to come at you until they just get lucky, they get the kill and the XP/loot. There is nothing stopping them from their relentless pursuit of death marching until they win.

How come we aren't forced home after being kill by other players? Not after the first kill mind you, but after a series of deaths by the opposite team. Say like a string of 3 deaths forces you back to Antonica or Commonlands. This would help in areas like Cazic Thule and various other places that have respawn jumpers. If you are adamant about getting a PK on the person that killed you 5 times in a row there should be something that the other player can do (win a series of bouts in a row and force you home). I know if someone comes at me enough times I start to get bad faction because I what, protected myself? This in my mind is unfair when I'm not chasing him down. I understand this function works somewhat on helping the grief campers move along but, in all reality I see the problem more in the respawn zergers.

On another note: I hope those at FanFair 06 have fun. I would also like to say EQ2 Devs are doing a great job. Let hope they keep it up.


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