Thursday, March 30, 2006

Little advice

MMO's can sometimes be daunting, well maybe not if your in WOW but most MMO's are complex. Even more so when you throw people in, it becomes an entity in an of itself. People make or break a game and a lot of the times it's why we come back. I played EQ1 in my last throws just to holler at old friends and sometimes think back to those days as the best damn time ever in an MMO. Anyhow, here are a few EQ2 tips to remember both in PVP and in PVE.

First and most important know your class and controls. Know exactly what you bring to a group and then some. Stretch the limits of your class and figure out if there is more then the overview is showing you. Example* rogues can tank in EQ2 if they have the right gear and know how to use their ability's, you may have some in your group doubt you. If your good at what you do and you prove it they will be impressed.

Upgrade often, there is nothing worse then if your in a group with a wizard that has all his old spells maxed but hasn't invested in the new spells. Like wise a Warrior that has cloth for his main gear. This one is a given but even more so in a PVP environment; I always say it's better to live with no money in the bank vs being a dead Platinumaire. Ensure you have the best spells and gear your money can buy. It will usually reap better group rewards and playablity.

In PVP know your grounds, familiarize yourself with the area by knowing what rocks you can dive behind or what river bed may have a nice hold over until you can plan a good re-counter if your in need of wining a losing battle. Don't try and take on a full group of enemies with only a few in your group you will more then likely lose. Most strengths are in numbers.

Know your enemy, knowing what strengths and weaknesses your foe's have. It's the best knowledge in the game. Fighters have Mitigation and avoidance/block, Priests have a lot of heals the help offset damage (of course), Scouts have track so they usually land the first hits and have good DPS, Mages of course have a lot of direct damage and utility. Theses are only the basics but all info helps.

Grouping is your friend, you can get far more done and have more leeway when you have partners backing your play.

Realize karma exists, whatever you do in game or to those around you will always have some impact. It may not ever really be direct impact but if you go around killing newb's for fun at some point in your gaming career you will be effected. If you decide to steal camped names in front of groups it never goes to good in the end. It probably wont be an eye for an eye but payback is usually a bitch in one form or another.

In whatever you do have fun, if your not having fun you might want to think about doing something else.


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