Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Building up forces

We are amassing on PVP and both us and our Sister guild are gearing up for a great war. I hope to see this come to fruitation but as of now it's only all on paper(so to speak). We are trying to go over the rules of war and conduct both on Aggrome and EQ2-Daily forums.

I've tried to put in my inputs and direct it as well as I can so this can go off with as much dignity and honor as you can have on a PVP server. I am in hopes that this doesn't turn into a pissing contest as we are all adults and thus far it seems to me to be playful banter.

I know we need to first have a way to talk before the battle begins because well it would probly be annoying if one side just started before anyone on the other side was ready. I'm also looking into having a way to make a trophy for the winning side. The fact that I'm gonna be crafting housing items should be easy for me to fix something up once I gain a few more tradeskill levels.

The whole logistics have been kinda difficult but some rules have been somewhat agreed apon. I like how we would all bring an adept of our level only it's for the Good's and they would bring adepts that are evil (or a decent item of the level you currently attain). This wouldn't go well with the trophy holder he/she would need to be the only holder of that item. The chances of it dropping just lowered if you have more then one item. Also no one should bring cash because your at a higher % to drop any said loot on you if your cash free. The only difficulty we are truly finding hard to over come is outside forces. You can never plan a battle knowing no one from yours or their side is gonna come help out. I don't want my side (other then my guild) to help out in a guild war, nor would I want their side to help turn the tables. That wouldn't be a fair assessment of who actually won the battle. We've discussed a few possibilities but nothing is a sure shot, there was mention of having the battle in one of the instance house's. Now this would be great if it were guild owned and there was one on each side. One in FP and the other in Qeynos while if they were in FP we could have home court advantage and in Qeynos they could set up the house to their advantage. This would also open up an area where a altar could be made for said trophy to the winners. It could be displayed until the next battle would occur and you could keep or lose it depending on if your side won.

There are many other rules that need to be pointed out and probly fleshed out but I bet more of these rules will be made obvious as more battles ensue well into the future.

If your looking to join in on the war send Myself (Falik) or anyone in Aggroculture a tell and we'd be more then happy to have you or you can sign up on Aggrome and give us a feel.. As I'm sure Brownie troop would enjoy the help in the war against us.


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