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PVP suggestions

Yes it's that time again and you knew it was coming.. Well maybe not but either way I've got a few that I would like to throw out there.

Bounty quests: My friend and I were talking about SWG bounties and thought it would be great that if they had bountys here in the PVP world of EQ2. The way it would work is there would be an NPC somewhere in each of the cites that you could go to and get a quest kind of like writs. He would give you a name of the opposite team from say the top 100 killers from the SOE boards. If your Evil it would be the top 100 goods and visa versa if your Good. You would gain status and XP once you have completed the bounty and returned to the NPC in the city.

Shylor from EQ2-daily also has another bounty Idea that I enjoy, either way a bounty system would rock. I would would give bonus props to SOE if they can counter the bounty if you are the one hunted.

Zone killing: There have been many times and maybe it's just because it's the nature of the beast I've seen people Zone line killing. By that I mean people will come in a zone of the opposite team and they have the 30 second immunity which is nice in concept but I've noticed that the first person to do damage usually wins (in ruffly even fights). I think under the 30 second rule you can't fight either until it drops. Either way I'll deal with it but my biggest hardship is those that are even one on one fights. Maybe it's because Qeynosians have small Kajingers but they almost always run unless they are 5 levels higher then me.

The biggest thing that seems to happen is Qeynosians will zone in and start to PK and when I or someone counters their PKing they zone.. I'm sorry but I believe they should make it so that if you start or begin a PVP fight you will be unable to zone until one wins. This overall mechanic is a bitch for those that only want to fight with the upperhand and if they lose it they cut and run. I don't care if I'm gonna lose I'll jump your ass for being anywhere near FP and if I start to lose oh well. I usally wont zone unless I get jumped by a totally unfair fight (usually 3+ on me). That's when I'll pull the ole run sneak and hide or zone if I must. Though I still back my not being able to zone until the PVP fight is over or a limit of 3 minutes after the fight was over by default of running or escaping. I know the whole immunity thing drops if your on someone's hate list but when you can just click a door and chose Commonland 1 through 5 it's easy to get away. (this might be more fleshed out after levels start to spread out)

Level range: First I like to say I don't mind being Pked much with in range even the 8 levels but I believe the loot and XP loss with faction shouldn't be lost at 8 levels out. I think the level range should be 4 to 5 levels for loot rewards and keep the fighting window at 8 then carried forward as it is in each zone out from the City. Overall I enjoy this and think it's working ok in a lot of areas of PVP it just seem there are a lot of One shot killing me at the 8 level out mark. There was a point where I was only 500 hp max and got one shot killed for 900 points and lost money item and XP... for what reason does he gets anything from me? He had a supreme upperhand and didn't deserve my Blackend iron cluster.

Brigand: I took this class because first and foremost it was the most under used class in EQ2. I also have studied up on it and realized I need to be close encounter to do any damage at all. I will take all his strengths and weakness and will say that I love this class.

There are some fights one on one from a brigand stand point are a benifit, I'm a caster kill for sure and I can win if the other side chooses to man up. I fought a Paly to a Swash and Ranger (he fought melee) and just kicked ass, I was hurting but I've won. These are the One on One only. My trouble isn't from holding my own or being able to fight it's for those that run away and kite. Which is a valid way to PVP and by no means am I sayn they should nerf.

I've learned now that if a Conj or a Ranger runs ~don't chase them~. I have no range except one dagger ability that has a massive recast time and I except that. What I don't except is when I get right up to someone running away my CA continue to say I'm to far away. Unless I sprint and get in front of them running backwards I can't use my CA's. Hell even with I'm right behind them I can't even Backstab them. What kinda messed up junk is that? If I'm in touching distance running behind them I should be able to use my CA's (especially Backstabs). Seriously they are running away I'm arms reach away and cant back stab? When a Nuker or a Ranger can cast on me but I can't on them even when I'm up their arse I call foul. This is my chief fix and I'm sure it's not just on brigands either. Either that or give me 2 other range dagger abilities for PVP because this is driving me crazy if someone runs from a brigand they are gonna get away.

I know these are winded suggestions and will probly never be read but I hope someone from SOE sees this and does some fixing around it. I have to admit though I'm really loving the Brigand class.


Anonymous Grouchy Gnome said...

I agree that a bounty system would be pretty cool if done well (i.e. if the system could not be exploited). Bonus XP/Status for killing players you have a bounty for would be sweet. I'll have to take a look at what EQ2-Daily suggested.

Brigand: I play one on Nagafen myself. My main was a Brigand on Unrest until PvP launched, and I've always enjoyed the class. I think the problems you're seeing with backstabs and such are related to server lag right now. There's just too many people playing on PvP.

The zone-line camping is nearly a thing of a past. Check out the changes that were posted yesterday on EQ2Players.

A Week in the Life of EQII PvP"

5:35 PM  
Blogger Bandito said...

Great review, and great suggestions Quylein. I haven't had the chance to PvP much, and have only been on the wrong end of the sword a few times. I almost won one of my battles, but he escaped by zoning.

A bounty system would be fantastic. I never played SWG very much and I am unfamiliar with their system. How would you go about hunting 1 specific person in a massive world?

10:54 PM  
Blogger Quylein said...

well since they have the top 100 goodies and badies on SOE sight. Its's a web server that reads stats from the game right? Why not have a NPC that has code embeded in it to red the sight back to it and chose randomly one of the opposite teams top 100. say it choses player # 35 Spify (made up name) now when you hail the NPC it gives you a bounty to go and take out spify just like a write would ask you to take out 15 orcs. Once you take out spify you get status points but more then normal say normally it would be 400 points. But since he had a bounty you get 2400 points and when you return to the NPC you can get cash (don't have to be alot).

The system on SWG was kinda involved if you wanna know that Bandit just hollar at me when you see me on Nagafen.

7:58 AM  

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