Thursday, January 19, 2006


I figure I will post all the pictures of things in EQ2 you will never see again.

This one I figure will be nice since Icon's don't read like that anymore... Thank god

This is the older UI and Me Sage'n it up, yes this will never happen again.

The old UI set up with AC.... Ahh! I miss thee AC. Take a look at that BP, not sure if it exists in another form somewhere but that's the Way Dagerols level 10 BP you get for becoming a Guardian. Now it looks like crap, but hey that's just me. I really love this picture.

Quylein as a would be monk... I soon deleted him and made the always true Quylein. A HIE Mage/Summoner. I hope you enjoyed what EQ2 was almost well over a year ago.


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