Friday, January 13, 2006

Hats Hats my wonderful Hats

Some people are asking SOE or spouting off saying "I'm a little uneasy when things like collection quests and new hats makes the list of top features" and the likes.

Yes yes! I some what agree that this, it should of been in the game since day one minute one but it's nice that they are finally putting it in. I'm a Hat person, I dislike wearing hats in real life because most hats have no personality. 70% of all Americans wear either a Baseball cap with some logo or a Cowboy hat. Neither of which fits my taste, granted you would never catch me wearing a pointy hat in real life. I just like hat's that have style and taste and on women. Nothing more sexier then a women wearing a styled hat when it's done correctly.(I won't go into that)

I would have to say that "Brand new pieces of armor, such as Profession Hats, Helmets and Pauldrons, will make your character look more distinct." Is a plus for someone like me, in some ways I'm easily amused.

As you can see above my Final Fantasy character has a Wiz or what I call a Wiz cap. I enjoy playing a Mage that looks and feels like a mage. The skull caps that have been on EQ since I started and they have never truly appealed to me. I will say that Velious expantion introduced cool hat's that took a lot of work to get. Once you were done it was a great accomplishment and some were really sweet. Sadly, when SOL came out a lot of armors transitioned away from race/class and was basically the same all around. I enjoyed that barbarians in a leather hat had a bear on their heads, and that the cap was different through the races. It takes a lot of work, but for me the biggest bonus is when it's Class specific. I enjoy looking at a class and saying hey that's a Cleric, that's a White mage, that's a Wizard and that's a Warrior. I shouldn't look at a Cleric and send em a tell "hey wanna be our tank?"... That always makes for an awkward he's never gonna join my group moment.

So for me this will fix tons of concern throughout the whole of EQ2 when it comes to Armor models. This once I'll go with SOE and their marking team and say it's wise to advertise Class specific armors in the expantion. I do wish that they would make it so your robe is just the upper half and that the leggins as a mage show what your wearing and not just the model that belongs to that robe. SOE has a long way to go but I think they will come around.


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