Thursday, January 12, 2006

Death: Getting it Right!

I hear you and can pretty much promise that, given our desire for Vanguard to be a more challenging game, targeted at core gamers, and more difficult than a lot of more recent MMOGs, death will have a very real sting. Without such a sting, the feeling of accomplishment when you kill that mob or overcome that encounter or obtain that rare item is greatly diminished. Human nature dictates that when you have to work hard and long to obtain something, the person is more attached to and proud of his accomplishment. The fact that this has been less true in many more recent MMOGs is all the more reason to make sure Vanguard is a more challenging and difficult game and why we have held fast to ideas like CRs, limited teleportation, no Instancing, etc. We think there are both a lot of old school MMOG players who miss that challenge and feeling of accomplishment, as well as lot of new MMOG players who will find themselves ready for a more difficult and therefore, hopefully, more rewarding and long term experience.-- Aradune Mithara

All I can say is EQ2 Needs to re-think their Death penalty a little bit more... At least give us more debt per death and No Debt refresh when you log out.. I wont let it go Sorry! Everthing in that forum post speaks many truths..


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