Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Fighting one and zero

/Gu has posted this up a few days back and it just wont stop bothering me. I'm not sure what it is about this but to me this one is just not funny. Maybe I'm just bias because I really do like EQ2 and want it to be successful and well as some of you know like it to be difficult. However, this comic to me is way off and even though he's not making a jest that EQ2 sucks though I believe some preceive it as such.

My opinion on fighting: It should have all shapes and forms, some battles should be fast and smooth, some should be long and encountering, some should have finesse and others encounters could be brawn. I believe even though a con is; for the sake of argument (an Even con). It should have the modifiers on them like (Heroic, epic, solo) but, they should also have hidden abilities that we are unaware of. Unless of course we have fought the foe a few times already. This even con could be any modifier but it could have any number of attributes as some already know that is the way most of the Stats work. I want fast paced fights where you get min XP and longer fights that give Max Xp but I mainly want fights where the encounter can change at a moments notice. I dislike solo fights most the time because I feel MMO's are group and people oriented and they should be, with the possibility to solo. However the solo fights always come with a price as with any fight they should.

Should the dev make all solo fights for the weakest class or should they make them doable by all classes? Well I believe they should make the (doable) by all classes. Will some be able to do it faster and more efficient? I say yes, I believe a ranger/swash should take down a even con faster then a Cleric/Mystic. I don't agree with making everything dumbed down for all classes or you have those of us that like the challenge striped away granted in the recent years it looks as if I'm a die'n breed. Not to say there isn't a challenge in EQ2 you can always challenge yourself like most rangers did recently. Our guild ranger was soloing Heroic Even to yellow cons with little to no troubles. That is when you know it's not a NPC problem, when no other Class could do that there needs to be a fix. Sorry rangers that was a fix and I'll stick by that statement. Though the point I'm tring to make here is if we don't feel challanged we will challange ourself and keep one uping till we reach what we feel is our potential get bored and quit. So I guess essentially there will always be a platu it just has to be as fair and reasonable with every class all with in reason (or there will be an outcry). Now what is the reasoning you might ask? It really is up to the game developer there are many differnt games with differnt mind-sets so this question could take all day, I'll just say for me EQ2 is going in the right direction.

Here it seems as if most are anti SOE or EQ, everyone has a right to their thoughts but I just don't think they are getting the picture here or somewhere the Cartoon lost them along the way. I underdtand the point he's making being that I have a 56 Mystic but overall most fights are quick and furious.

I'll just pick on the first few posts here.

Laneer post: My rebuttal here is um... Yeah have you even touched EQ2? If your out of power it's because A. Your using it in a battle and are still in a battle or B. Your not drinking anything. Even then it takes no more then what? 1 minute, 2 tops. It's not like the EQ1 of my day where it could take 10 min with out KEI.

Eaeinae: I think it's a valid point... ONE WEEK after LU 13 and you haven't relearned your class. I'm sorry but LU13 was the best thing to happen to EQ2 and that is over any other LU to date. My belief is that if the Combat revamp didn't happen EQ2 would be dead. If not totally dead it would be dead to me; PVP or not. Prior to LU 13 the game was waaaay to easy, even though I think Guardians were where they should be... the TOP tank for raiding and not HP buff bitch. I still believe it was better for the game as a whole.

Ifrinn: Um? then MMO's aren't for you not Guild wars, not WOW, .... not any of em for that matter. BTW if it was a grind in EQ2 to get to 15 for you then yeah read above. Getting to 20 in EQ2 seems to be a 5 min jog (if all you do is want to level.) I think people in general that make these type of statements want instant gratification of leveling without any work. Oh.. and thanks for naming Qeynos after me thanks.. I like Quynos better too.

Shadowthorne: Yeah you've not Played EQ2 so STFU.

There is a poll out there saying we misunderstand 78% of most the stuff we read on the internet so if I miss read what you all wrote in the /Gu forums then I apologize in adavance.

EQ2 has it's problems like lag time in KOS becuase of the massive amounts of people in the zones to making PVE death not matter much at all and many more nit picky things. Overall EQ2 is every MMO's goal or as close to the goal I think recent MMO's are trying for. Get everone in to play from the Soloers, the Groupers, the Raiders, the Questers and then some. I think SOE has EQ2 going in the right direction for once and with a little tweak here and there it will boast good player numbers like we've seen recently.

As far as battle taking to long on the /Gu post if your Guardian, or priest forget about DPS and killing things fast. Play these characters for the Groupablity of them. Nothing gets me more irritated then hearing Tanks moan about not having good DPS espesialy when they are the MT.. Um put your shield on take your DPS buff off and put on defense, then take a beating like a good tank should. Oh and STFU or go be a Scout. If your a priest with the same complaint.... maybe next time you should read up about your class before choosing so hastefully.

In general my feelings on most combat in EQ2, it's entirely to fast in 90% of the cases... Especially if you have good Scouts and Mages in your group. I wish some combat areas would become slower with more xp reward, hell throw in a few tricks to counter in the fight here and there not all fights need to be 30 seconds or less.


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