Thursday, February 09, 2006

EQ2: Merger tips

Well I was apart of the first server transition and it went well considering but I still have a few tips for those that will be experiencing these in the next week er so.

Tip #1: Remove all your housing items and Close your apt. I have a few guildys that no longer have their house. If you can afford to not have a house then do nothing. However, If you will not lose much because you upgraded or can part with the lost gold just close your apt or be prepared to not have one and have to wait to get it back.

Tip #2: Remove all shared bank slot items if you don't you will have to rely once again on the mercy of SOE. Most of my guildys didn't have their Shared items when they logged up...
Note: /Restore_lost_shared is a command that works but it's not 100% reliable so once again I'd just remove all shared items before the move.

Tip #3: Have a plan or as Riply put it a Back up plan. My server was down damn near 24 hours and I had to figure out what to do. I usually play FFXI but I figured with the upcoming PVP server I'd stress the limits of being a newb that really had nothing to lose.

My back up plan was to make a brigand to see if I liked him and to see where I can take him at low levels. I level up to 7 and decided to hit the road opening up most of Commonlands /Nektulos /TS /Antonica /SS and POS.. Yes I got around the world by the time I was done I had both Griff quests done (which is 20% both at level 7 and at level 8) and was level 11... Oh yeah I was naked as well think it cost me 48 cp to repair.

Seriously folks don't expect this to be a fast and easy merger you will have that day all to yourself... Maybe you should go outside and re-acquaint yourself with the Resolution of Real Life... I'll tell you what it's kinda neat that God made Trees 3D and the Sky that has a real weather pattern with ever changing colors.. All kidding aside just have fun no matter what your doing... Welcome to bat country


Blogger Zygwen said...

Those are some good tips about server transfers.

I actualy recently transfered from Mistmoore to Faydark with a bunch of friends so we got to experience this twice. As a result, I left nothing in my shared bank slot when Faydark and Befallen merged.

I wasn't expecting Befallen being down all night after the merge. Fortunately I had a few DVDs to watch so the night was not lost.

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