Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Things we do

Well I've not been around to update and when I am we've been moving around offices. It's been difficult to sit down and write up anything worth while that most other EQ2 Gaming blogs aren't already blog'n about.

I've been having a kick out of watching all the action for LU 19 some of it's great and other parts just seem to be fodder to get the game in line with the expantion. I also find it quite amusing that a few of our servers are merging. It only bothers me slightly mainly becuase I've been away from EQ2 since early Dec. Other then the slight glance at my Wife's raids or when I pop on the guild to say hi I've not gave it much of a glance back. However, there is a reason for everything to include these merges. I look at it this way they expect good numbers for PVP so why not open up 5 PVP servers world wide and drop 5 worthless servers with low population that will become even lower when people like me up and move our 1 room apt. I will be on PVP I think it's perfect timing because if SOE didn't have PVP coming out this month I would seriously think about dropping my second account with them. I'm not saying everything is bad about EQ2 I just feel burnt out and let down by some of the recent " dumbing down of the game".

That and well... I'm a Mage, Summoner, Conjurer... pick one; these are what I enjoy as a class. I chose Magician on EQ1 because I love to summon things, rabbit in a hat trick... I enjoyed the fact I could summon pets and they grew stronger on their spell levels but each pet had their place in the game. They had to be used wisely and thought about the key roles of what was about to take place. I felt like what I summoned mattered in EQ1 on top of that I felt like a pet class, Unlike EQ2 where pets are set it and forget it.

This is really by no means dumbing down the game it's been there from the beginning of EQ2 I just have trouble with really enjoying a pet class when the pets are more like DOT spells that you can see. I do like the dumbfire pets and the aquafish pets these are a bonus to me I wanted pets like these in EQlive and they really never put them in until AA's. I just have trouble with the normal Earth, Fire, Air pets on EQ2 because all I do is tell them to fight they go in and I then commence to spamming nukes.... very little to no strategy in being a Conj in EQ2.

What I'm getting at is the fact that I get to control my Pet/Avatar in FFXI. Every minute I tell my Avatar's to use their ability's which grown when your grow in levels. I just feel like a pet class and I feel that this is really what is missing from EQ2. I don't care if I get 8 other nukes with a few different pets; If I wanted to be a nuke class I would chose Wiz/Warl. I just want to be able to tell my Fire pet when to nuke and what to nuke, or tell my Air pet when to do his Combat ability's, or when to tell my Earth pet to taunt. These would make me feel like I was a pet controlling class. Because SOE knows we as Conj really don't summon shit anymore... Hell we don't even summon food/water somehow that ended up as a Priest ability... Who ever thought of that?

Those are really some of the drawl backs to me staying into EQ2 in the PVE environment. I will not be able to stick around mainly because of the death penalty but the lack of finesse and structure makes it even more difficult to stick around in PVE. What I did at level 20 I'm doing at level 50 only my spells are stronger... Oh and I get to raid. I will enjoy PVP because it's all about a different type of game and when the new world opens I'll be their to tell you all about it.


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