Friday, February 17, 2006

David <3 Goliath... no really!

With all the things going on in the world my old buddy Aggro got stirred up about PA and rightfully so. He eloquently put his thoughts out and I have to say after reading that I aggree* with him. Com'mon David take down Goliath! Maybe it's not that kinda fight but in all seriousness the cartoon they drew was somewhat amusing yet, where Aggro goes I usually dare not touch.

Well ok with that said...I have a fetish about making disturbing in game photos... I have since I got into EQlive and had my first Mistymoore raid.. If you have never been there the vampires (female) when they die they fall forwards with their ass in the air {get the picture}. Well I will start posting some of these from time to time just to make someone perk up because, you know sex and fart jokes will never stop making people laugh. No matter how mature you think you are.

So Aggro since Penny Arcade didn't make you laugh I hope this little parody makes you laugh.


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