Monday, February 27, 2006

PVP: Me and Death

Here recently I've been busy and you may have noticed a little slow down on my posting which is me partially becoming lazy, sick, and busy... but mostly busy I swear. Seriously, most nights its a decision either I post here on my blog that seems to carry the occasional lurker. That probably got here by accidentally clicking for Broken Toys, Damned Vulpine or even Nerfbat or Play EQ2... I usually choose to well you get the picture; that and I feel less of a burden to post as often as someone like Aggrome because I don't have L33T writing skills or I just have worthless dribble. For any inconvenience I'm sorry but the regular post will resume as soon as I have the time to well.... Resume it.

Ok anyways on with the show

There I was a lowly Froglok Paly, the very minute NAE! The very second Nagafen was up I logged up. It was as if I was camping for the Cleric Epic one more time, then BAMB! BAMB! BAMB!..LAAAAAAg!! It was as if there were 100's running to the Kerran on newbie Island, Ding Ding Ding 5 seconds later, I believe I was the first to level 2 but I'll never know for sure. Try doing that newbie quest to fight the trainer when 15 are doing it all at the same time(per trainer). Yes that was very funny to watch.

I quickly got to 15 and was out and about looking to PVP and wouldn't you know it a FPer Wizard was taken me down quick... it didn't help a deer was kickin my ass at the same time. Oi! Good times, well by this time I wanted to learn to betray the new style way um... yep 101 quests later I figured it's just not in. I don't tend to read the SOE boards so I went to the Aggrome forums and Jai hooked the info up(thanks again) at the same time I found and realized I'm scrawed till next LU, not good.

So I decided to go with my second optition Half-elf Brigand named Falik- "because when you have to absolutely kill every MOTHER IN THE ROOM, accept no substitutes". This has gone a lot slower both level and quest wise, where as before I knew Qeynos and where all the good quest baring the new ones in the Caves (which totally own) I was able to by pass the initial rush of folks. Re-rolling has set me back some... well in PVP it set me back a lot and the fact I know nothing but the Stein quest in FP and that doesn't help one bit. This has been a difficult road because not only do I want to enjoy the Evil side it's like a new game for me I want to level and go out to PK(player kill). I love the old voice over system I enjoy listening to the sluty Kerran to the street Mafia all the way to the Militia and even some Trolls got some great voices. Though it's not till your around those annoying ones for a while that it starts to drive you nuts. (have you seen a Gnoll before?) So yes I take my time listening to the quest givers and I get into the stories a bit more then I have done in Qeynos because well, I did that over a year ago. Though I still dislike reading the quests especially the ones that seem to take forever to get through so those become Click Click click, but that's a different post all together. I've even enjoyed going back to do green quest because well in PVP your plans for doing difficult quests gets derailed very quickly. So it's great, you go out do green quests and it also seems Qeynos are out Gankin the newbs that just hit level 10 so I tend to get fair PVP then. My outlook's on PVP so far is Great, just freaking Awesome.

Falik or Pagoda will be my new main, not sure how I now feel about betraying at this point because I stopped my Goodie and went all Evil and by the time the Next LU comes there will more then likely be 60's around so it'll be harder to not be ganked in the process. I did see a level 45 Bruiser last night and I find that disturbing but hey what we as humans do with our time is our business I guess. Anyhow Nagafen is my new home and my other alts will more then likely catch dust unless I grp up with my wife to do some PVE.

Death: I'm off that kick now, I'm done, I will no longer bitch about how death is weak because well it's only really weak on PVE. As I figured PVP would make it well... make you not want to die. Call it Pride or whatever you wish, I call it (I don't like losing Beer and Money) and when you lose both that's enough to piss you off for revenge even if you never get it right away your on my shit list... YOU HERE ME KAGA~ I'm still up 10sp but it seriously is a blow when you lose anything of worth and it will only get worse. The minute I lose a master and 15 gp after I get PKed is the minute I commit Hari Kari. No not really but seriously I love it, I get paranoid and Guarded every where I go. Whether I'm going to Commonland or just leaving the Cross roads I'm sneaking around looking over my shoulder because well... I just don't want to die if I can help it and that is what a death penalty should do. So unless SOE weakens it again somehow I'm happy, that mean you (my reader are happy) right?? Ahh my glory days of Sullen zek are coming back to me...

With that it sparks even more controversy on the Station Exchange enabled PVP server or rather it sparks a question. How would you feel when you become ganked would you feel as if someone was really stealing money from you? and those of us Scouts that pick your pockets(not sure if this AAxp will work on PC) would you feel muged as if it was real life? Could you become a victim of a class action law suit for killing robbing and thieving items from another Opposing player? Just something to think about, tell me your thoughts.

** Top Picture taken from EQ2-Daily posted by Randum **


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