Thursday, March 02, 2006

I'm on TV

Today I would like to brag. I don't do it often but these opportunity's don't come around for people like me often.. I'm on TV again and as the few times I've been on before it makes me excited.

"Monk," the prime time series, will open its new season on USA network 3 Mar 06 at 2200. The opening episode called "Monk and the Astronaut" was filmed almost in its entirety here at Edwards and features the F-22A and many Edwards airmen. USA network is also slated to air this program on 4 Mar at 0100 and 1800, on 5 Mar at 1200 and on 11 Mar at 1000. Please consult the local cable or satellite directory in your specific viewing area for more details.

Yes! I'm on this show and boy was those few days of filming fun, it's also a bonus that I got paid for doing what I love. I'm the Red head in Camo and if your watching for me you wont miss. Yes I'm just an extra but hey I'm still in the show. I was in many takes and quite a few different shots so unless they took out the hanger and flightline scenes you will see me. Either way it matters not I'm just happy to have been apart of the whole experience.

I've been on TV a few times before once in Germany on a TV commercial which no one would ever see here and another time I've been on Price is right. Yes I won some cash but over all was boo'd for not making the wheel go around.. OI! that was a heavier wheel then it looks. I was on the Salute to the Air Force. I had some other pictures to prove it but at this moment I can't find them. If I find them later I'll edit this post but the link should suffice. I was the lucky one to do the 25,000$ punch game but only won 1k... ahh that was a great day.

I ended up making it to the showcase showdown by default against a Cpt from LA Airbase. Sadly, I ended up going about 200$ over I also ended up losing this beautiful ride here but hey such is my life.

I did walk away with excitement and about 2000$ worth of junk. Well anyhow watch Monk and enjoy yourself.

Edit** Found what I was looking for Here and Here and of corse the red head is me.


Blogger Bandito said...

Hehe, you didn't spin the wheel all the way around! bah, made me laugh out loud.

Never been on TV myself, except for a commercial in China...that is supposedly broadcast to at least 30 million. It was supposed to be a travel commercial, and how the police officers were fluent in English. What a joke, they couldn't even remember their lines in English.

Good to see ya bloggin' away.

10:56 PM  

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