Monday, March 06, 2006

Hunting the good Hunt

First I would like to say Good job at keeping defense Qeynos. It's very difficult to penetrate the Peat Bog and make it into the newb areas if your around high teens low 20's. I find it a little unfair that it's our only point of entry but hey it's a challenge and I love challenges.

I finally made Hunter, granted I didn't go out and Hunt until this weekend but it was still a nice accomplishment for myself. I find it more intimidating that I have my name with Hunter Prefacing it. Maybe it's because when I see others with Hunter, Slayer, Destroyer of the opposite team it is very intimidating. I normally don't have an under title either but I know that when the other team sees it, it gets their heart racing muahhaah.

The adventure of traveling over to Qeynos was a fun one filled with a full days worth of doing lucans bidding. A few of us decided it's time to give a little medicine back to Qeynosians and boy did they ever feel the pain. I was originally going to go do what they did and kill greens but since I more or less role play my brigand I wanted a challenge. Even though as a pirate class I would just as well back stab a friend as I would any of the opposing team, I find more bounty in downing yellows and oranges. That's just what we did, we took down 15 yellows and 2 oranges and a few were teamed up. I was a 25 brigand mentored to 20 we had a 20 wizard 19 necro 19 Trob and 16 Assassin and for a while a 20 Defiler.

This team kicked arse and there was only a few times we had to run. The best Pk fight was with one orange and yellow both Mages. They were camping the spawn point of us Freeportians and took our good buddy Aggro out. Well, I'm not having that it's one thing to kill a team mate it's quite another to camp the spawn point and think your gonna get away with it. Once we got away and got our barrings we dbl backed ran into the two that were still camping the spawn point. As a team we took them down and we took em down hard, my hearts racing just thinking about how sweet that victory was. Ahh! good times

So yes all in all it was a verily good weekend on Nagafen server and discovered it's easier to be the Hunter then the Defender. Oh Bandito here is a pic. of the Qeynosian that stole your name I figured you would like my little gift. Let that be a lesson to all Qeynosian's that make the slightest ill mistake in EQ2 that is to include taking a name from a fellow player. Oh and one more thing... BT187, we got the first kill on you muahaha.


Blogger Bandito said...


1. Something justly deserved; recompense.
2. Something given or demanded in repayment, especially punishment.
3. Theology. Punishment or reward distributed in a future life based on performance in this one.

Attaboy Q!

10:12 AM  
Blogger Heartless_ said...

Weeeeeeeeeee sounds like you had fun.

3:44 PM  

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