Monday, March 13, 2006

EQ2 Tradeskilling

Ok, I would first like to start off by saying Tradeskilling is something I only do If... I can't always be paying attention and want to burn time talking to guildies. It can be fun when you have that slight posiblity of ruining a Pristine (rare) item but mainly it's still just button mashing.

I went back to Tradeskilling for two reasons. One on PVP server it's about the only time you'll get to slow down and have some peace. Two I really wanted to see if I could get in the simi ground floor and make some cash. I've gotten to make a pretty penny but I wont tell my secret and no I'm not exploting anything I just got a good racket going on in FP at this time. I don't use other programs and this overview is strickly doing everything by the book, I don't condone using 3rd party stuff anyhow (not even a map UI).

I started off trying to well get my career going as a Carpenter but I need to make it past the first 9 levels. Easy enough I've done this part 5 er 6 times before so it shant take me to long right? Wrong, SOE defeted it's purpose in tradeskilling from the start. It took me over 1 hour to figure out how to get from lvl 1 to lvl 2 and I'm not a newb to EQ2 so there is a huge flaw there. How would you get a newb to start Tradeskilling if it's not easy to start to begin with? Now I know some of you are thinking, "well your Hardcore and it's not difficult just hidden". Hidden as in you have to rightclick and hail the raw's merchant to even get level 2. Now of all the times I clicked on her to look at what books she selling and it start off at level 2. No where in there was my initial hail(left mouse button) recongnized so I went over to the other NPC that gives Tradeskill quests and gives me my first book and 20% exp still not level 2. I run to West FP and get my Craftsman quest done for when and if I were to hit 10. Nope no xp or level 2, after I run around and go back to where I started the 4th time I figured it out. Tradeskilling(TS) isnt rocket science but it shouldnt be this coded to start out for the first time.

I relize there is a Tradeskill tutorial on the Island but, in no way was I directed there or know what it is about. I know it's not in Malvoicus *sp tower and that was a better way to learn about TSing then the way it is now, after the island. Now after all that I get down to tradeskilling, here is where I figure I'll notice the new and exciting changes to tradeskilling. After watching my wife craft top tier stuff I figure I'm in for a nasty time. It seems to take her 1 day of harvesting (real time) for 1 level but that's a differnt post all together.

I did notice some changes some I like but most well I'm indiffernt to becuase they are still the same. One you still only get progress buffs till level 10, this is a big deal since in the past I tended to mess up on 1 to 20 items even in my 40's. The first big change I like is the fact that as a Carpenter I could make a shield or a wand no extra table jumping. To me the table jumping and going to the vendor every 5 minutes added to the pain and suffering. They also fixed that last vendor bit, you can buy stacks of 100 which makes it alot nicer. Sadly, I began to level and relized the more I tradeskilled the more I wanted to jump myself from the top rafter of the Freeport Tradeskill house, that didn't help but it works wonders on Safefall skill. As far as my trade it's still old fastioned and I heard that's all about to change. Old fastioned you ask? well it works the same way as it always has. Go here make 3 wikets and go here make 12 potions to make the 3 wikets to go here and make a whozit to make a sproket to get a widget. Now in real world terms this all sounds good on paper. However, any good carpenter can tell you they can make a wooden box purly out of glue wood and a saw... ok sorry for getting off here, I know SOE is fixing this and I can say in the long run this will hopfully be good. Though here in lyes the double edge sword. That means there will be more making end products which means lower price and low demand. It's a hard element to juggel for SOE and they are trying. A Great thing for me because I like my bag space. So it will make me happier to level faster with out doing the old sell, delete, bank juggle just to make my shiny sword of -Uber +1.

I then tried my hand at making some jewler spells for us scouts and found that to be much more to my liking. Yes we harvest tons of extra stuff to make these spells but I found out that I didn't have to table hop and this was really to my liking. (though I think it just makes it easier for botters) The only thing I found out to be difficult was trying to counter the Negative durablity since these were only 1 thru 10 spells but I'm not a jewler so it's ok.

My only real question is I though they were trying to make this fun? Yes the game is fun and PVP is great I love the expantion and EQ2 is going in a awesome direction. Have you noticed any Vanguard posts? No, because EQ2 has gotten to be a real treat. Sadly as far as tradeskills go and as far as always making the end item it still doesnt up the FUN factor. It lessens the tedious factor which is the next best thing. Untill next time, enjoy making your Uber Phat armor of +cool.


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