Friday, March 10, 2006

Slayer and Rewards

I had a nice little post about tradeskills but as that happens once in a while it ate my post when I was saving. So I'm collecting my thoughts for a better post on it next week. First I'd like to say I'm a Slayer now though there is a bit of confusion on my part.

Earlier this week I was at 24 kills 24 deaths and 41 kill streak. Now I'm at 24 kills 24 deaths and 49 kill streak. I know for a fact I've killed 5 more since then that were my kills alone and have no clue as to how I made slayer if it don't count my kills. I know the web sights was update because it says I'm a slayer and upped my kill streak. Yet, am not sure why it's not updating my kills. If anyone knows what's going on please post a comment.

If any Qeynoisan sees this guy please PK him and do it hard because well... for one he doesn't return my tells and for 2, what on earth would possess you to take our guild name as your personal name? If you Pk him and post the pic up on EQ2-daily sight with your in game name. I'll give you 1gp from my goodie just sitting there in Qeynos.


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